Archives: 2 Guys, 1 Log

  • When: 20210112
  • QIC: Moneyball
  • The PAX: Moneyball, Gas Station, Funny Car, Dreamline, Cash Flow, Whitetail, Wicked, Double Fault, Priorities, Dirtbike, Marvel, Huggies, Bing
  • Conditions: Mild, relatively

    PAX: 13

    FNGs: None


    • Bat Wings (supposed to be) 12
    • Michael Phelps – 12
    • High Knees – 12
    • Sideways Lunge– 12
    • Through the Tunnel- 12

    Follow the leader, coupon style to back of food lion

    The Thang

    Us Against the World: the 2 HOFs vs. all other PAX in pairs. Each race, PAX must partner up with a different PAX. The final race the 2 HOFs got to choose matchups. First PAX in pair races appox. 100 yards and back, and then the other PAX does the same. While not racing, AMRAP various exercises as noted below, per round. If any PAX rest coupon or takes a break, they owe 5 burpees. If HOFs win, all other PAX do 10 burpees, if anyone else wins, the HOFs do 10 burpees.

    • Round 1: Squat Thrusts
    • Round 2: Curls
    • Round 3: Johnny Bravos
    • Round 4: Blockees
    • Round 5: Overhead Press
    • Round 6: chosen by HOFs- Curls

    Haul coupons back to vehicles.



    More like Burpees. HOFs and Gas Station dropped Lady Glittersparkles.


    This is what he showed me: The Lord was standing by a wall that had been built true to plumb, with a plumb line in his hand.

    Amos 7:7
    • Christians and Christian Materials are mostly good- but don’t take it for face value.
    • Don’t tune a piano to another piano, but rather a tuning fork.
    • Don’t be a Christian solely based on another Christian- take into consideration God’s tuning fork- the Bible.


    • All sorts of ruckus when YHC titled the workout 2 guys, 1 log.
    • HOFs came in a solid 2nd numerous times, but never first.
    • Marvel hates burpees and can turn into the Flash if threatened.
    • Heard comments from 5 PAX, including YHC, that they were almost Splashing Merlot.


    • Quad P–Weight Loss–is ongoing. It’s not too late to join!
    • 2nd F next Thursday, January 14th: Pub Trivia via Zoom. Families welcome.
    • 1 DDG Q open this month- get it while you can.

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