Archives: 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

  • When: 20190827
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Submac, Thrifty, Spoke, Sooie, MOAB, Marvel, Double Fault
  • 8 PAX arrived to Duck Duck Goose ready to work. Weather perfect; 72 and breezy.

    • SSHs- 30 IC
    • No Surrenders- 10 IC; Hands locked behind your head and elbows pointing outward.4 count: Go down on left knee, then down on the right knee so now you’re on both knees. Next stand back up on left leg then up with the right leg.
    • Arm Circles- 12Fwd/12Bwd IC
    • Howling Monkeys- In a circle, everyone grabs their ankles in Monkey Humper fashion. The first person does ten monkey humpers followed by the next person and so on as in other “ring of fire” exercises. Don’t let go of the ankles.

    The Thang
    Paula Abdul’s- Any set in which you take 2 steps forward and then 1 step back and continue to do so until you reach a defined endpoint. For example: run forward 2 speed bumps, perform an exercise, run back 1 speed bump, perform an exercise, continue until you reach the endpoint. Also works well with parking lot lines, parking garage ramps, light posts, flights of stairs, etc.

    YHC had PAX complete 3 sets of Paula Abdul’s utilizing the speed bumps behind the shopping center. 1st set consisted of 5 Burpees at each stop, 2nd set 10 Merkins at each stop, and 3rd set 15 squats at each stop. At the end of 3 sets PAX completed a total of 45 Burpees, 90 Merkins, and 45 Squats

    • Flutter Kicks- 20 IC
    • Penguins- 20 IC
    • Freddy Mercury’s- 20 IC
    • WWIIs- 20 IC
    • LBCs- 20 IC
    • Big Boy Situps- 20 IC
    • American Hammers- 20 IC
    • Leg Lifts- 20 IC
    • Plank- 1 minute

    YHC read from the bible Ephesians 6:4;
    Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.