Archives: 2nd Preblast-Post Reesestrong Crabs/Oysters/Cookout

  • When: 20170916
  • QIC: Circle K
  • The PAX: All Virginia Region PAX, Ms and 2.0s
  • 9.16.2017 is the date for the Reesestrong 5K.  F3RVA was the third largest team last year, with a goal of being the largest team this year. As of the writing of the Preblast, F3RVA is the largest team but there will be a late push by the Chickahominy Chargers team.  So get on the website and make sure you sign up for the F3RVA team. F3RVAs own Phonics, and M Phonics organize the event that supports a great cause, Childhood Cancers. If you need additional details, see Phonics There is something for the entire family to do:

    Two Kids runs, Walk 5K, Run 5K, or 5K The Hard Way (25 merkins and 25 squats every 5 minutes, or until you splash merlot).

    Many of us are going to post to Dogpile and Clown Car to the Reesestrong 5K.  Run the race and heads to Circle Ks for some Crabs, Oysters, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, BBQ and coldbeer.  YHC will have TVs setup for College Football (TN VS FLA at 330pm, that is all you BT), cornhole (someone has to teach TYA) and badminiton for those you do not want to sit around and eat crabs.

    Even if you do not participate in the Reesetrong 5K, plan to stop by YHCs for some great fellowship with the F3RVAs families.  (Ms and 2.0s are welcome)  This might be a good way to EH and FNG.  It is not early int he morning and you do not have to be in good shape to eat crabs.  (Unless you eat them like Swirly, shell included.)  The guys and families from F3 Hampton Roads are making the trip for the 5K and Crabs as well.  Great way to catch up with that crew.

    Rosie has a guy (his cousin), that can hook us up with the crabs and oysters.  We need to give him about a weeks notice. (BRR weekend) For food and drink planning purposes, please RSVP to this Preblast with a HC for the members of your family.  (If you have already responded to the previous Preblast a couple of weeks ago, you do not need to respond to this one.  I have already accounted for you.  So far, we have about 50 people RSVP).

    While you do not have to bring anything, if you make a dish that you think is awesome and you want to show off your cooking skills, feel free to bring it with you.  YHC will have tables for the food and some chairs, so it might be a good idea to bring a folding camp chair.

    What better way to close out the summer, than with a great bunch of F3 men (and families), good food, coldbeer and college football.

    Circle K

    8146 Ashby Ridge Place

    Mechanicsville, VA 23111