Archives: 3 for Ruckhill Beatdown

  • When: 20190110
  • QIC: McGruff
  • The PAX: McGruff, Scully, Ironman
  • 3 Pax showed up for a cold beatdown at Ruckhill. There was some mumble chatter.

    Warmarama: Side Straddle hop, Imperial Walkers, Through the Tunnel, Shoulder Rolls, Michael Phelps

    The Thang: PAX put on their rucks and moseyed around the lake carrying 50lb sandbags. Every so often the PAX halted and knocked out 20 Squats, 20 Bicep curls, and 10 Merkins. The PAX continued this around the lake and up Stinkhill. Once at the exhaust pipe the PAX moseyed back to the flags.

    COT, Countarama, Namearama