Archives: 3 PAX @ Stankhill

  • When: 20191231
  • QIC: McGruff
  • The PAX: Scully, Average Joe
  • 3 PAX showed up for a Murph Prep beat down at Stankhill. The PAX warmed up to Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Air Squats, Spider-man Stretches, Arm Circles, and Through the tunnels.

    The PAX then moseyed over to the Pull-up bars. There the PAX did ten rounds. The first five the PAX did 5 pull-ups, 15 Merkins, and 25 Air Squats then ascended up Stankhill for 20 American Hammers. Then the PAX did another 5 rounds of of the same: Pull-ups, Merkins, Squats, srpint to the first shelter. There they knocked out 20 Big Boys.

    After that the PAX moseyed back to the flag for some COT. Namearama, Countarama and a reading of Deuteronomy 7:9.

    F3 Hampton Roads