Archives: 4 Corners

  • When: 20190423
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, 2 Wheel, Airwolf, Marvel, Musket, Double Fault, Triple Option
  • It was a gorgeous 55 degrees and seven PAX arrived eager to burn away those Easter calories.

    25 SSHs IC
    20 Michael Phelps IC
    10Fwd/10Back IC
    12 Pickle Pounders IC

    Led PAX on a quick mosey around the DDG pond and then mustered up at the tennis courts to continue the beatdown. YHC utilized the 7 of Diamonds Routine on a tennis court vice baseball diamond and substituted running with lunges for full PAX participation. For the first round, do 7 reps of an exercise (Burpees) at each of the 4 corners with a lunge in between corners. Each round, increased by 7 reps with a different exercise each round, for a total or 4 rounds. Round 2, 14 Merkins IC at each of the 4 corners. Round 3, 21 Squats IC at each of the 4 corners. Round 4, 28 CDDs at each of the 4 corners. Continue for a total of 7 rounds, decreasing the reps by 7 for each of the last 3 rounds. Round 5, 21 LBCs IC at each of the 4 corners. Round 6, 14 Bonnie Blairs IC at each of the 4 corners. Round 7, 7 Big Boy Situps IC at each of the 4 corners. Recover, mosey back to the flag!

    YHC discussed Easter and its importance, but was saddened by the horrific and cowardly attack that took place in Sri Lanka. No person should be persecuted because of their religion or faith. We prayed for peace, healing, and justice.