Archives: 4th Estate (the media) and a GuestQ

  • When: 20171227
  • QIC: MaBell
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Ma Bell, Submac, Space Monkey, Deflator, Funny Car, Gunner, Doomsday
  • Backblast below is courtesy of our guest Q, MaBell. Strong work to Q downrange and write a backblast on same day. Aye!

    The morning started off right – up at 0400 for my morning constitution and on the road by 0425 toward Bear Country. The googly gave me an ETA of 0520. Perfect. Until I turned onto 64W instead of 64E. ETA was now 0528. Better put the pedal to the medal! I think I got there about 0525. As it turns out, at least YHC beat 1 PAX. The 8th came in hot as time ticked toward 0530.


    Pledge of allegiance, followed by a quick jog around the parking lot and circle up around the flag for
    20 x Merkins
    20 x Plank Jacks
    10 x Forward Arm Circles
    10 x O/H Claps
    5 x Good Mornings

    The Thang 1

    Step 1: Ask PAX how to get to football field. Step 2: Jog to said football field and under bleachers to retrieve a tire. Had hoped to get 2 but the other unchained tire wouldn’t budge. So, we’ll work with 1. Starting with the tire at the goal line, partner up. Each group will take turns flipping the tire toward the other goal line while the other 3 groups run to the far goal and back. Everyone do 5 burpees OYO, then the next group takes over the flipping duties while everyone else runs. Do this until we flip the tire the full 100 yards. Turn around and start back toward the original goal line. Audible: stop when the tire reaches midfield.

    The Thang 2

    With the tire squarely at midfield, this became “burpee island” for a round of 4-corners. At each corner, we did a progressive number of Captain Thors. Between corners we either karaoke’d or ran through burpee island, where we did 5 burpees. After making it to 10 Captain Thors, 3 PAX put the tire back while the remainder did SSHs. On the jog back around to the front of the school, we lined up single file while Deflator led us in his original F3 Jody:
    Welcome to the Gloom, This is F3!

    Sing the Principles along with me

    The first one is: workouts are free

    I don’t pay you, and you don’t pay me.

    The second one is: open to all men

    Bring an FNG every now and then.

    The third one is: we’re rain or shine

    Hot or cold – Fartsack? Decline!

    The fourth one is: rotate the Q

    Only Q what you can do.

    The fifth one is: end with Circle of Trust

    Hold your nose if you must.

    Those are the Principles of F3

    Go be the best man you can be!

    At the corner of the building, Billy Run (look it up; it’s in the Exicon) to the flag, circling back to pick up the six, then circle up for:


    10 x Low Slow Flutters. Hold it!
    10 x Hello Dollys. Hold it!
    10 x Box Cutters. Hold it!
    10 x Rosalitas. Hold it!
    10 x Dying Cockroaches. Hold it!
    10 x Heels to Heaven. Recover

    10 x Merkins IC
    10 More Merkins IC


    Counta-a-rama: 8
    Name-a-rama: 3 RESPECTS, 4 mehs, 1 Hate
    Announcements: NYE (that’s Sunday) workout at Stink Hill. NYD normal schedule.
    Prayers: Dreamliner’s great Uncle and his family
    BOM: YHC took us out


    The Jody above is awesome and will, with Deflator’s permission, make its debut in CarPEX soon!
    A reporter was on hand to record the goings on. Hopefully, the story will continue to raise awareness and help grow F3 in Hampton Roads
    It and honor to lead you men this morning. Thanks for working hard!

    Ma Bell

    F3 Hampton Roads