Archives: 5 in the Gloom for a beat down at Stankhill..

  • When: 20181002
  • QIC: McGruff
  • The PAX: McGruff, Scully, Cowboy, Teach, Sooner
  • 5 Pax gathered in the gloom at Stankhill. Pax welcomed two FNG’s Teach and Sooner. After some small introductions and instructions the Pax got busy.

    Warm- up: SS HOP, Imperial Walkers, Micheal Phelps, Through the tunnel, Good mornings, Arm circles.

    The Thang: With Blocks in hand Pax moseyed over to the parking lot. There the Pax started off with 8 minutes of Bearway to Heaven. Then to the stairs for Bent Jacobs Ladder with Merkins up to 10 reps. At the base of the stairs the Pax did 10 Berkins. After completing those the Pax moseyed back to the flags for a couple minutes of Mary.

    Pax welcomed Sooner and Teach at the COT and Prayers.

    F3 Hampton Roads