Archives: 75 and Sunny

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  • QIC: SubMac
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Priorities, Deflator, Triple Option, SubMac
  • It was 75 and sunny (i.e., 35 and raining) this morning for YHC’s VQ.  The great weather brought 5 PAX out of their fartsack to bask in the sun at #DuckDuckGoose.  A couple jokes were made about YHC’s chosen outfit to ward off the sun, which YHC heard as “I’m jealous of your impending dryness”.  The PAX then went to work.  Here is how it went down:

    Warmarama –  SSH x 20 (IC), Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC), Hillbillies x 20 (IC)

    The Thang –  YHC decided to break up the standard 20 minute run with Burp Miles.  Every 1/4 mile the PAX busted out 5 burpees with gusto. The Bear Crawl Bridge tradition was kept of course. During one set of burpees, YHC was reminded of the importance of gloves when raining as his hands slipped on the wet wood and almost faceplanted.

    Boot camp began with YHC modified Lt. Dans. Start with 1 squat followed by 4 lunges alternating legs.  Increase squats by 1 each round.  Finish with 10 squats and 4 lunges.  YHC definitely felt like “ain’t got no legs” as Lt. Dans famously said in Forrest Gump.  It is important to note that YHC realized he didn’t fully understand the simple sequence of Lt. Dans on completion of the first round.  His notes clearly stated maintain 1:4 ratio of squats to lunges but apparently math is not YHC’s strong suit.  Some may point this out as weird being that YHC is an engineer, but YHC believes engineer’s math skills are overrated.

    This was followed by YHC modified Black Jack which was aptly named Baby Black Jack.  Pick two points to sprint between.  Sprint to first spot and do 10 merkins.  Sprint to second spot and do 1 dip.  All done in 11s style (21 for Black Jack).  Time ran out before the PAX finished so it was on to COT.

    COT –  YHC’s words of wisdom with a little fluff added in:

    Do all things without complaining or grumbling.  When we complain, non-believers perceive that as God has not provided for us.  We should strive to show thankfulness in all we do as a testament to God’s greatness.  To be successful at this we must put forth a conscious effort to focus on all the blessings and good God has given us.  When we do this it makes all the tough times in life seem less important and has a snowball effect of good in your life.

    Triple Option closed us out in BOM.

    Moleskin –  Thanks to Priorities and Dreamliner for holding YHC accountable this morning and showing Cantore (trying to increase YHC’s F3 vocabulary).  YHC must admit he was tempted of fartsacking it this morning due to his 2.0 deciding to keep him up half the night and due to the great weather forecast.  That is what F3 is all about.

    Way to show improvement Triple Option by only showing up 10 minutes late!  Since Triple Option got a 1/2 star in his corporate file for showing up 1/2 way through his first weekday workout, I’m told he gets 7/8 star today for showing up to his second weekday workout after the first lap around lake.

    Teaser:  There is a F3 Hampton Roads logo in the works!  Will notify everyone when complete.

    F3 Hampton Roads