Archives: 80s Rockin' at the Playground

  • When: 20201121
  • QIC: Lawnboy
  • The PAX: Commissioner, Firefly, Helpdesk, Lawnboy, Noah, Planer
  • Conditions: Cool, dry, & nice


    • Bone the fish (side shuffle, karaoke, back pedal) x2
    • Arm swirls
    • Raise the roof
    • Chinook
    • Through the tunnel
    • Abe-vigodas
    • Steve Earle
    • Imperial walkers
    • Thoracic twisting
    • Rotating lunges
    • Single-leg rotations with Egyptian holds

    The Thang

    • Bring Sally Up to Moby’s “Flower”
    • Big lap around the church
    • Tabata (20 sec. on / 10 sec. off x 3 for each duo of exercises below)
      • Flutter kicks & hello dolly
      • Monkey humpers & Apollo Ohnos
      • Up downs & shoulder taps
      • Jump squats & lunges
      • Nolan Ryan left & right
      • Freddie Mercuries & leg raises
      • Mountain climbers & plank jacks
    • 3-man grinder: plank hold | 100 step-ups
    • Mary


    • YHC’s music choice caused several PAX to reminisce on old concerts – all the way back to The Zombies


    1 Thessalonians 5:18 – Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.


    • Quad P for November is Curls. Any and all PAX can still jump in and compete as it is a self-selected goal.
    • Thanksgiving Day Convergance 0700-0800 at The Playground. No other AOs will meet that day. 7000 Granby St, Norfolk (Tabernacle Church).
    • There is a new F3HR challenge called “The Cycle” that involves posting at every single AO over a two week period. For the full details see Funny Car or the Facebook group.
    • F3 10th Anniversary is in January 15-17th @ Cape Fear. Details Here.

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      • Backblast template can be found here.
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