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  • Three of the intransigent raged mightily against the fartsack this morning to post to #BearCountry.  Skeptical  of the pre dawn conditions, YHC was thankful for the F3HR Weather App to ensure prime conditions as the alarm sounded at 37 minutes past 4 in the ante meridiem.

    The Q’s plan had the pax departing immediately so after a brief discussion of waiting for any LIFO’s and the shortest disclaimer in history, the mosey began.  Around the school in the gloom, we miraculously avoided any talofibular or tibiofibular ligament sprains on possibly the most useless path of all time.  TClaps to Dreamliner for his wisdom in avoiding the treacherous trail on the way back.

    Entering the track and field area, the 3 stalwarts ascended the nearest aluminum tiered seating devices and back down.  Twice up on the short bleachers.  Thrice up on the mega bleachers across the field. Feeling slightly exceeding temperate, the warmarama continued with SSHs, Don Quixotes and Imperial Walkers (x10, IC).  Mumble chatter concluded that Don Quixotes cadence should be counted in Spanish and the Imperial March should be hummed during Imperial Walkers.  YHC has the latter for action.

    YHC’s weinke hinged on having lines on the football field for suicides and a great deal of time was spent (2 minutes) in deep anxiety if said lines would be present.  Alas, they were not.  Instead, 6 imaginary lines were drawn across the field coinciding with the 6 staircases on the mega bleachers.   The rules to the line drill were as follows:  Sprint to line 1 and do 1 Merkin, 1 Plank Jack and 5 shoulder presses (jack jack webbs).  Sprint back to the end line and hold Al Gore until all pax finish.  Conclude with 5 slow count squats in cadence.  Repeato to the next line adding a Jack jack webb at each line.  (the sprint portion of this suicide was stressed as F3HR has been moseying far too much lately)

    A 20 count was needed after line 3 due to YHC being gassed.  Lather, rinse, repeat to lines 4 to 6.  At this point the pax were expecting a change of exercise but no one ascends a ladder and stays there, you must come back down.  So the line drill continues to lines 6, 5, and 4.  Next a 30 count from YHC was barely audible due to a total lack of oxygen.  Finish out with lines 3, 2, and 1.  Who would have thought raising your arms over your head (so simple) could be so difficult?

    Another fast one was pulled by YHC as the mosey route back to the flags included a sweep of the mega bleachers.  Thrice up and back down from end to end.

    With about 5 minutes left for Mary, YHC chose his 3 worst and least favorite ab exercises, American hammers, box cutters and Freddy Mercurys to be done OYO for 1 minute each or until the Q could no longer continue (about 11 seconds for FMs…)

    The COT concluded with numbers, names and a brief thanks from YHC on the profound impact F3 and specifically these brothers in arms have had in a such a short period of time. Seriously, thank you.  SubMac took us out and Bear Country concluded with a rare coffeeteria (or I guess more appropriately smoothieteria) at Tropical Smoothie Café.

    Announcements and Moleskin:

    • From the word tech manual: in·tran·si·gent (ĭn-trăn′sə-jənt, -zə-) adj. Refusing to moderate a position, especially an extreme position; uncompromising
    • Colonial70 is coming up and team F3HR has just 1 opening left.  Avoid the #fomo and hard commit today.  You’ll receive 12+ hours of camaraderie, buffoonery and shenanigans.  Price of admission is running about two 10Ks.  (and an actual admission cost…)
    • #QuackQuackHonk, started as the younger brother of #DuckDuckGoose, continues strong on Thursdays and is nearing official workout status.  Come out at 0600 for a 30 minute run and fellowship to round out your F3 week. (some may argue that there is one more workout left but YHC’s week STARTS at #StinkHill.)
    • The upcoming Q list is looking awfully bare.  Add your name to the list.  Looking forward to lots of 2nd Bells tolling in the near future!
    • The March Merkin challenge is reaching ludicrous speed between Scully and Dreamliner.  Don’t be discouraged, the challenge was to complete 100 merkins a day and when you reach that goal and our two knuckleheads’ arms fall off, you can reap the rewards.  If you forgot the prizes, check out the pre-blast here: and keep updating the spreadsheet
    • The April Quad P spreadsheet is available for your sign ups as well.  The priority for April will ease our aching shoulders and focus on C70 prep.  1 mile run a day.  No bonus for running 87 miles, you either run your mile or you don’t.  Sign up here:
    • Stay tuned for a possible #HDHH next week as a pub run between downtown Norfolk breweries is in the works.  Possibly Wednesday the 29th.  Details to follow from Half-life.
    • There are 3 essential apps that all pax should have on their phone:  F3 app for backblasts and information, the F3HR weather app for up to the second conditions at each AO and Google Sheets that makes accessing all of our lists(Quad P, Q sign up, etc.) a breeze.
    • Finally, YHC’s lifelong Q goal is complete as Dreamliner confessed to an internal oral cavity merlot splash during line drills this morning.  Mic drop.

    Priorities Out.

    F3 Hampton Roads