Archives: A Glorious Spring Day at SlothHill

  • When: 20200419
  • QIC: Lawnboy
  • The PAX: Cookie Monster, Cowboy, Dreamliner, Finkle, Free Fall, Funny Car, Hot Corner, Lawnboy, Scully, Sunshine
  • Warmarama

    Arm swirly things forward & reverse – 10 each direction

    Raise the roof – 10

    SSH – 15

    Slow squats – 10

    Abe Vigodas – 10

    Through the tunnel – 10

    The Thang

    Mosey to steps – sprint up and down

    Mosey to 1st bench and start 21s with 20 Bonnie Blairs and one WW I sit-up; each round had a four burpee or jump squat buy-in (the PAX were split in two groups)

    Continue same format around the lake for approximately ten benches

    At picnic shelter: 10 step-ups per leg and 20 irkins

    Mosey to steps – these were being used by other people – for social distancing reasons, sprint up and down the grassy hill

    Mosey to parking lot for shuttle runs; start with one squat. At each line, perform one merkin. Repeat for approximately four minutes.


    PAX choice for approximately three minutes


    Special prayers for PAX with babies on the way


    Weather conditions were sunny and a warm feeling 43 degrees (no wind)

    PAX were split into two groups of five to maintain social distancing – thanks to Cowboy for leading one group (Cookie Monster, Cowboy, Dreamliner, Finkle, Free Fall)

    Several PAX stayed for coffeeteria after with coffees brought from home

    It was noted that it’s probably two late to train Bonnie Blairs for Friday’s start of the F3 Virtual Relay


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