Archives: A Pain in the Butt

  • When: 20181028
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: Average Joe, Dreamliner, Screen Door
  • While downrange to help out with Hurricane Florence, three F3HR PAX could not pass up the opportunity to workout in a perfect AO location on Sunday morning after the work day.  We were staying at YHC’s in-laws’ house, and there is a park directly behind their house that is a perfect spot for some F3 adventures.  Here’s how it went.

    Warmarama:  30x SSH, 10x Merkins (IC), 10x Hillbilly Walkers, One lap around the pond (approximately 1 km)

    The THANG:  Triple check. PAX 1 does inverted rows on parallel bars. PAX 2 holds Al Gore. PAX 3 (timer) does 15 burpees.  Rotate once burpees are complete. Repeat until all PAX have done all three exercises.  This was followed by paint the lines on both sides of the tennis court and then on to the T-ball field.  Lunge walk from home plate to 1st base and perform 10 merkins.  Carioca from 1st to 2nd and perform 15 merkins. Lunge walk from 2nd to 3rd and perform 20 merkins.  Carioca from 3rd back to home and perform 25 merkins.  Head to the pullup bars for another triple check.  PAX 1 does pullups.  PAX 2 holds Al Gore. PAX 3 (timer) does 15 burpees.  Rotate through all stations.  Mosey back to the flags for a third triple check.  PAX 1 does big boy situps. PAX 2 does thrusters with a large cinder block (approximately 45-50 lbs.) PAX 3 (timer) runs up a slight rise to the end of the road and back (approximately 75 yards each way).  Rotate through all PAX.  Then on to some curl work with the block.  Two PAX of three hold high plank while the third does 15 standard curls with the block.  Rotate through each PAX twice.  Average Joe added some flavor with half moon curls (curls while holding yoga moon pose), and squat curls.

    Mary:  Various ab exercises were performed including flutter kicks, crunchy frogs, box cutters, and alphabets.

    COT: YHC shared how much it means to me that these PAX would take the time out of their schedules to join me on this trip.  Thank you gentlemen for what you do.