Archives: A Pull-up-less Modified Murph

  • When: 20180522
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Cowboy, Sunshine, Scully
  • Three ambitious Pax were victors over the fartsack and “enjoyed” a beautiful morning today at StinkHill.

    SSH. 25. IC
    Arm Circles Fwd. 15. IC
    Arm Circles Bckwd 15. IC
    Michael Phelps. 15. IC
    Heel Raises. 15. IC
    Imperial Walkers. 20. IC

    The Thang
    YHC led the Pax on a roundabout trek up and down StinkHill to Kids Cove with brief rest stops along the way to perform a set of 20 Merkins before continuing our journey. Not coincidentally, a total of 10 sets were performed before reaching our destination. Upon arrival, 30 squats were performed an followed up with a lap of Kids Cove. Rinse and repeat until 10 sets and laps were completed and with only minutes left on the clock we made our way back to the flag for COT

    Counterama and Namerama were performed and with Memorial Day fast approaching, YHC shared a verse that should represent a common theme this week about honoring those in the Service… Both past and present.

    Romans 13:7 – Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.


    Keep giving it away men,