Archives: A.R.L.I.N.G.T.O.N.

  • When:¬†20180510
  • QIC:¬†Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Buoy, Dreamliner
  • Note from last backblast: 3 Qs in 6 days (Sat., Tues., and Thurs.) result in short and sweet backblasts. Here we go.

    YHC spent the last two days in D.C. On Tuesday evening, we went for a run around the outside of the Arlington National Cemetery and the National Mall. More on this in COT.

    The Thang


    AMRAP each exercise for two minutes. After every three sets, bear crawl from flower pot to gazebo and crab walk back. Exercises spelled A.R.L.I.N.G.T.O.N.
    Arm circles
    Reverse lunges
    Leg lifts
    Imperial walkers
    Nipple scraper merkin
    Gwerkin: Modified “Squerkin.” Instead of holding partner’s legs at side, hold partner’s feet together in “goblet squat” position, or put partner’s feet on your shoulders.
    Taps (shoulder)
    Overhead claps
    Nipple scraper merkin

    Cindy: AMRAP in 10 minutes: 5 pullups, 10 merkins, & 15 squats.

    Mary: 10 big boy situps. 10 leg lifts. Repeat 5 times.

    Circle of Trust:
    During YHC’s run around Arlington National Cemetery, YHC was reminded of the sacrifice so many have made for this amazing country.

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