Archives: A Sprint to the Finish

  • When: 20180222
  • QIC: Triple Option
  • The PAX: Triple Option, Deflator, and Buoy
  • Warmarama:

    15 SSH IC
    15 Hillbilly Walkers IC
    10 Through the Tunnel IC
    (I actually messed up every count, losing track of how many we had done and Deflator thought it was an intentional theme for the workout. lol)
    The Thang: 
    1 Lap around the pond.
    Modified Dora: 100 burpees, 200 swing crunches, 300 squats.
    Mosey to Benches.
    Ring of Fire: 5 flutter kicks IC, 10 American hammers IC, 15 crunchy frogs IC, 20 LBCs IC. 2 rounds.
    Not-so-Lazy Boys.
    Mosey to parking lot.
    Arms vs Legs: Partner up. 1 partner sprints to the opposite curb and back while the other does as many merkins as he can. Alternate for 5 minutes, sprinting and merkins. Go all out! Aim to do more merkins each round. When it is your turn to sprint, try to keep your partner from doing more merkins than his previous round.
    C.H. Spurgeon quote – “Without Him (God), we can’t. Without us, He won’t.” God doesn’t need us, but we desperately need Him. We need His wisdom and grace to live with purpose. However, God has ordained to accomplish His purpose through people. Live in light of your need for God, and live in light of the fact that He wants to use you to further His purposes with the world. Don’t sit on the sidelines and think, “God doesn’t need me,” well no, of course He doesn’t. But what a privilege it is that He would want to work through us!