Archives: A Tale of 2 Out of 3 Doras

  • When: 20181110
  • QIC: Marvel
  • The PAX: Bevo, Space Monkey, Stick, Bobber, Orbit, Snowman, Gunner, Bachelor Pad, Two Wheel, Catapult, Armstrong, Cowbell, Screen Door, SubMac, Marvel
  • 15 PAX were present for YHC’s HOF Q, a heartwarming sight to behold. Lady Glitter Sparkles (LGS) was present per the usual for HOF posts, but whether she was a welcome guest will have to be left to the PAX who had to carry her during the workout.

    Warmarama (IC):

    • SSH – 30
    • Through the Tunnel – 15
    • Arm Circles – 10/10/9 (miscounted, but who is in charge here!?!)
    • Toy Soldiers – 15

    The Thang:

    Indian Run w/LGS around the block. Grab 6 coupons and then mosey to the pond.


    YHC thought to try something a little different with three separate Doras, each focused around upper body, core, and legs, respectively. Unfortunately the exercises for the first Doras were underestimated as far as speed, which made the whole affair a tad ambitious.

    First Dora – run ¼ around the pond, up stairs, back down sidewalk

    • 100 HR Merkins
    • 200 Overhead Presses (with coupons)
    • 300 Curls (with coupons)

    Second Dora –run ¼ around the pond up the sidewalk, then down stairs and back

    • 100 Boxcutters
    • 200 American Hammers
    • 300 LBCs

    Even though we did not get to the full third Dora, YHC did not want the PAX to miss out on the experience, so a short preview of what could have been was offered up:

    • 10 Bonny Blairs (2 count, IC)
    • 20 Step-Ups (OYO)
    • 30 Squats (IC)

    It should be noted that this Dora preview, LGS was directed to be set down which resulted in 5 penalty Burpees, then Catapult misunderstood YHC and accidentally picked her back up, resulting in 5 more. It was probably for the best.

    Mosey back to flags, drop off coupons. Closed out the workout with 5 penalty burpees due to Submac’s “slippery” droppage of LGS, and an irregular-cadence Intentional Thinkers.

    COT was YHC’s favorite verse:

    Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap steadfast love; break up your fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the LORD, that he may come and rain righteousness upon you. — Hosea 10:12

    YHC, getting preachy, reminded the PAX that:

    1. We reap what we sow, in this case righteousness/steadfast love.
    2. We often have “fallow ground” in our lives that needs to be broken up to pursue what we should.
    3. That what God requires of us (righteousness) he also provides (raining it down on us in this case).

    Prayer requests, ball of man.


    • Peninsula Rescue Mission 3rdF next Saturday, 11/17, 9am. See Dreamliner for details.
    • Next week is Armstrong’s VQ show up if you can!