Archives: A Tribute, Then a Trip to the Bank

  • When: 20170824
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: Deflator, Submac, Dreamliner, Clifford, TowRope, Scout, TripleOption
  • Seven PAX escaped the warm, inviting fartsacks to convene in the gloom at QuackQuackHonk for another Deflator Q.

    Warm-o-rama:  10 arm circles each direction, 10 calf raises, 20 Merkins.

    The Thang Part 1:  PAX took a moment to honor the valor and sacrifice displayed by those Navy sailors and families affected by the recent collisions of USS FITZGERALD DDG-62 and USS JOHN S. MCCAIN DDG-56, which claim 7 dead and 10 missing.  PAX performed 62 Squats, 56 SS Hops, and 17 Burpees in their honor.

    The Thang Part 2:  Another AO Expansion Expedition, this time a mosey to the Old Pointe Bank in the adjacent Eagle Harbor Plaza.  PAX showed up, assessed that the parking lot needed some maintenance, so we “painted” the lines.  We then realized none of us had brought cash so each of us had to go to the ATM at a time of their choosing before the trip to the bank ended.  For safety, when one went we all went.  A PAX got money by leading in (A)Alternating Shoulder Taps, (T)empo Merkins, and (M)erkins.  By the seventh iteration, many could not hit the quantity desired (15, 10, 10) so mission accomplished.  In addition, we did exercises to spell out BANK:  (B)earpees (10), (A)merican Hammers (15), (N)ot Cross Dollys (20), Alabama Ass (K)kickers (10 each leg).  Transit exercises included lunges and alternating side lunges.  Mosey back to the flags.  Having included a Delfator staple (bear crawl) in the Bearpees and with only 2 minutes left – first F was declared over.

    Count and name-o-rama completed satisfactorily.

    COT:  A brief word about the aforementioned collisions and how YHC was asked to consider joining a team being formed to investigate them.  No decision yet, will keep you posted.

    BOM and OUT!

    Great job, fellas and well done powering through the Tribute portion.