Archives: A year in review

  • When: 20180128
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Scully, Cowboy, McGruff (HOF), Screen Door
  • Five PAX gathered in the gloom of #SlothHill for a beat down to commemorate YHC’s F3 Birthday and more importantly, to welcome McGruff to the Hampton Roads Hall of Fame.  Here’s how it went:

    WARMARAMA: (This was the same warmup set from YHC’s FNG workout) 30x SSH, 15x Shoulder Circles in each direction, 15x Imperial Walkers

    The THANG: Grab Lady Glittersparkles and run to the first large picnic shelter between the lake and the hill.  Set her down and perform the obligatory 5 burpees.  Choose your favorite picnic table for a set of 6s (just like 7s and 11s but only 6 of them) of derkins and dips.  This was to honor the 6 AOs that have been added to F3HR in the last year.  Pick up LG and run to the back side of the bath house for a Triple Check and 5 more penalty burpees (3 partners: partner 1 performs a static exercise while partner 2 performs reps of a different exercise and partner 3 runs to a specified point and back.  Rotate on the runner.  Complete when reps for the group reach a predetermined number.)  The run was to the top of the hill and back while the other PAX performed Balls to the Wall and 53 burpees (53 in honor of the 53 FNGs in the last year).  Grab LG  and head to the frisburpee field.  Put her down for 5 more penalty burpees and another Triple check.  New run is to the far end of the field and back while the other partners hold 6 inches and do 111 merkins (111 in honor of YHC’s 111 posts in Hampton Roads in the last year).  Dreamliner picked up LG expecting to move, but put her right back down for another Triple Check and 5 more penalty burpees.  Same run, high plank, 284 squats for the total number of workouts held in Hampton Roads since YHC was named.  YHC then had Cowboy pick up LG and put her back down just to keep our burpees consistent before performing a final triple check of squat hold and 365 LBCs for the 365 days in the year.  Finally pick up LG for real and mosey to the flags for one last set of penalty burpees and some Mary.

    MARY: 29x Crunchy Frogs (YHC has posted at 29 different AOs in the last year). Ring of Fire with each PAX performing 11x flutter kicks (YHC has posted in 11 different regions in the last year). Capital Alphabets with three extra Fs at the end (26 letters for the 26 times YHC has had the Q in a total of 4 different regions).

    COT: One of the things frequently discussed within F3 Nation is the concept of WAS/NOW.  In other words, take a look at what you were before F3 compared to what you are now.  I thought this was particularly appropriate as my first year in F3 draws to a close.  One year ago I was completely gassed 15 minutes into a workout led by Dreamliner, and today I can actually complete the entire workout while Q-ing.  When I joined I was barely meeting the physical fitness standards for my job in the Navy, and now I can get the maximum score for pushups and situps and am within 18 seconds of the maximum score for the 1.5 mile run.  Over the last year, F3 has definitely improved my life with respect to the first F.  In the second F, I have stronger friendships and relationships than I have had since college, and am in much better emotional health than I have ever been.  F3 has also made me better in the 3rd F as I have been a part of more Bible study in the last year than I have been in the previous five combined, and for the first time in my married life, have found a church home.  I cannot thank you men enough for the positive influence that you have had on my life in the past year to make me a better man, husband, father, and friend.  What I am now is a product of the effort each of you puts in, and is so much better than I once was.

    On a separate note, Hebrews 13:8 says that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  While we should constantly be seeking improvement and are constantly dealing with changes in our lives, Jesus does not change.  He is perfect and will always be there to guide us and help us in times of need.  We should constantly strive to reach his standard, which means that we should always have a positive WAS/NOW.

    BOM with prayers for various concerns.


    As January draws to a close and February begins that means a new Quad P is coming.  This month will be flights of stairs.  Follow the link to learn the rules and to sign up.

    Also starting in February is a new Bible study on Thursday evenings following a trail run in Driver.  Contact SpaceMonkey for more details.

    Colonial 200 is coming up quickly.  Want to run? Let me know and we can get you signed up.  Don’t want to run?  Let me know and we can get you signed up. (But seriously, we need help with drivers and volunteers on the course.  Let me know if you can help out.)


    Here’s to another great year gents.  SYITG.

    Screen Door

    F3 Hampton Roads