Archives: Acts of Faith

  • When: 20180217
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Suds, McGruff, Vortex (F3 Raleigh), Hutch, Trickle, Sunshine, 3for1, Gracie, Hustle, Buoy, Batdoc, Freefall, Deflator, Scully, Darby (F3 South Wake), Cowboy, Funny Car, Dreamliner, Space Monkey
  • YHC could not have asked for a more energetic, motivated group of PAX. These men were ready and able to go out into the world of Stink Hill to show acts of Faith.


    Side straddle hops (20, in cadence, IC); Good mornings, cobra style (15, IC); Sumo squats (15, IC); Should circles (10 each direction, IC)

    The Thang:

    The PAX moseyed to the base of the nearest set of stairs where they were informed to find a partner of similar weight. With that, it was top speed to the top of the Mount and back down the other side on the nearest steps.

    Once there, the PAX were informed that the first act of Faith would be to help a friend move, F3-style. The only issue was that the new apartment was at the top of the stairs.  No worries for these PAX though.  One person would run to the top of the stairs, do 10 burpees (Burpees on High), and return to the bottom.  While helping to “move,” the partner would be doing LBCs.  This was repeated 3 times.

    Once complete, the PAX were informed that the moving adventure was only half complete, but a new opportunity had presented itself. There was a small, in stature, lady that was advanced in years and in need of help crossing the street.  With true F3 enthusiasm, the PAX proceeded with a partner carry to the base of the next set of steps.

    More “furniture” to move. Repeato of the last set of steps but the PAX at the base performed overhead claps until their partner returned from their “Burpees on High.”  Three rounds each PAX.

    Another gentile lady in need of help across the street as the PAX partner-carried again to the nearest gazebo. There, the PAX spread out for some 11s work involving dips and big boy situps.

    Indian run back to the flags, or the dry parking lot since YHC rode to the AO in someone else’s vehicle, for a final act of Faith. A gentleman that had fallen on bad days was in need of assistance putting his groceries away.  Some Mary should help with that.

    Through the tunnel, cobra style (15, IC), Michael Phelps (15, IC), Squats (20, IC), Merkins (20, IC), Flutter kicks (15, IC), and just to make sure that he is motivated to recover and put his own groceries away next time, Rosalitas (15, IC)

    Countarama, Namarama

    James is a great book for practical advice regarding how to live in a manner to honor Christ. In James, chapter 2, there is a discussion of how faith alone is not enough.  Specifically, verses 14 through 26, focus the thought that Faith that is not demonstrated through actions is really of no value.  Once again, any time an author in the Bible gets snarky, YHC is all for it.  James does this rather eloquently in verses 19-20:

    “You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God.  Good for you!  Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror.  How foolish!  Can’t you see that faith without good deeds is useless?”

    This really breaks things down in that, demons have faith and they respond by completely changing their demeanor.  We are called to do no less.  If we can adopt this mindset, we can extend our worship and the power of Christ throughout our week, throughout our home and community.  If there is any place that idea is inculcated, it is within the ranks of the F3 PAX!  I am honored to be a part of it all.

    Ball of man and prayers.


    Space Monkey