Archives: An Elephant Never Forgets (But YHC Does)

  • When: 20171207
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Airwolf, Deflator, Gunner, SpaceMonkey, Dreamliner
  • A brisk Thursday morning brought five strong PAX out for #QuackQuackHonk (two for #EarlyBird) and the year-end finale of the 3rdF study. Mental ineptitude showed through most of the workout this morning for the Q, YHC (your humble correspondent). More on this in the moleskin section below. Also, in the moleskin section is a rather extensive discussion about a well-timed bowel movement (worth the read). Now, on to the workout.

    The Thang (#EarlyBird)
    Lap around lake
    Lap around Food Lion
    Lap around Eagle Harbor apartments
    Lap around Food Lion
    Over the hill underneath the power line
    Detour to Dunkin’ Donuts

    The Thang
    40 side straddle hops – In cadence (IC)
    15 Don Quixote’s – IC
    15 merkins – IC
    25 mountain climbers – IC
    15 imperial walkers – IC

    Mosey to back of Food Lion.

    Carolina Dry Dock (CDD)/Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear Ladder: Beginning at speed bump #1, crawl bear (about 30 yards) to speed bump #2, 1 CDD, bear crawl back to #1, 2 CDDs. Continue to 10 CDDs.

    Speed Bump Suicides: Run out one speed bump and back, 15 no hand (aka hand remove) merkins, run out two speed bumps and back, 50 alternating shoulder taps, run out three speed bumps and back, 75 squats, run out four speed bumps and back, ABCs (all capital letters). AMRAP for 15 minutes (originally 10).

    Mosey over hill underneath powerline and back to benches.

    25 derkins (on your own – OYO). 25 irkins (OYO).

    Mosey to shovel flags.

    5 minutes of Pary (Plank).

    Circle of Trust:
    Do not envy. It’s one of the “Big Ten.” Comparison is the thief of joy. We can look up and be envious; we can look down and be prideful. We want to create a composite human; one guy’s wife, another’s home, another’s appearance, another’s church, another’s job, etc. However, rarely would we want to switch completely. There is no perfect person except for Jesus Christ. He is what we are compared to and we all fall short of that line.

    Naked-Man-Moleskin (NMM):
    As further proof that one can EH anytime and anywhere, a well-timed bowel led to a potential FNG. As YHC and Deflator were finishing up the run, it became apparent that a bathroom visit would be required prior to QuackQuackHonk. A quick detour was made to the Dunkin’ Donuts. Upon exiting the throne room, YHC quickly commented to the cashier that he would be back later (3rdF study occurs at Dunkin’ Donuts after QuackQuackHonk). He responded, “Are you going to workout?” YHC gave the 20 second elevator pitch and departed. An hour later, YHC answered follow up questions and left a F3 Hampton Roads business card with name and cell number on back (if you do not have these, YHC has plenty extra). YHC really hopes this guy comes out; the F3 naming options are endless!!!

    YHC was struggling mentally this morning. For starters, multiple exercises were referred to as merkins (e.g., mountain climbers). Second, YHC could not remember the first “A” (alternating shoulder taps) in the suicide sequence. Lastly, during COT YHC forgot to give his hospital name, F3 name, and age.

    A few late arrivals were able to locate the crew. Deflator met YHC near bear crawl bridge during EarlyBird. He was a very welcome sight which made the run much more enjoyable. SpaceMonkey found us behind the Food Lion after some searching during QuackQuackHonk. YHC did have his phone waiting for a call because he knew SpaceMonkey would be there. This was the year end finale of the 3rdF study which SpaceMonkey has most excellently led this fall.

    Gunner had the perfect response at the 3rdF study. He will be back even with the conclusion of this 3rdF study session. Thank you for challenging us over the last few months both physically and spiritually. SYITG (see you in the gloom) again soon.

    Airwolf, keep up the good work. GoRuck Sat. with the crew and fly out Sunday. Strong work.

    Dec. 7 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (or when you want to leave): #FirstThursday 2ndF at O’Connor in Norfolk.
    Dec. 9 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.: GoRuck Light in Charlottesville. Clown car from Mt. Trashmore.
    Apr. 20-21: Colonial200 relay race.

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