Archives: An Obstacle is an Opportunity

  • When: 20180307
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Screen Door, Buoy, Yoast (FNG), Space Monkey
  • YHC, fresh off a nightmare of a travel adventure (48 hours to travel from San Diego to Norfolk, VA) was prepared to share the lesson he learned at 30,000 feet on the last flight of his misadventure.  Here is how it went down …


    Side-straddle hops- in cadence (IC) 20; Good morning (IC, 15); Sumo squats (IC, 15); Shoulder circles (IC, 10 each direction)

    The Thang-

    The PAX moseyed to the carport and were numbered 1-5.  Then, while the rest of the PAX ran off, each person performed unlimited burpees.  While performing the burpees, each PAX was instructed to think of a number from 1-20 when the burpees seemed impossible and they couldn’t wait for the PAX to return.  The remaining PAX ran for 6 minutes stopping to perform 25 merkins and 25 squats at YHC’s discretion.  For YHC’s burpee shift, another PAX called merkin/squat breaks.  Once all PAX completed their burpee shift, the PAX circled up.  Then, in increasing burpee shift number, each PAX Q’d an exercise determined by YHC for the number of reps that they thought of during their burpee shift.  The exercises were: Big boy situps, Flutter kicks, American hammers, Rosalitas, and Scissor kicks.

    Countarama, Namarama

    YHC shared that, while stranded at each of the two airports that I had the honor of spending the night in, I felt isolated and alone.  Although surrounded by literally hundreds of people, I felt like my strife left me on an island.  We are never ever alone though, as we can always call out to God.  His omnipresence is yet one more reminder of his enduring love for us.  During the workout, when each PAX was on their burpee shift, performing the exercise alone, they thought of a number.  Then, later when they called on their fellow PAX, we all did their exercise together.  In the same way, F3 is literally overflowing with men who stand at the ready to come alongside each of us in support, encouragement, and solidarity so that we can all persevere.  YHC felt unusually fulfilled at the end of this beatdown that each PAX experienced both the sense of isolation and community in these exercises.  Great work gents!


    Space Monkey

    F3 Hampton Roads