Archives: Announcements: New AO (FaithSneakers), 3rdF (Faith), Colonial200, and Updated Leadership Lineup

  • When:¬†20180210
  • QIC:¬†Dreamliner
  • The PAX: All PAX
  • Newest AO and 3rdF (FaithSneakers):
    This week we launch our newest AO (FaithSneakers). This is a 45 minute run workout (6:00 pm (1800) to 6:45 pm (1845)) at the Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail (Directions on Schedule Page: This will be followed by a 45 minute 3rdF (Faith) study (6:45 pm (1845) to 7:30 pm (1930)). For more information, contact SpaceMonkey ([email protected], 804-380-0373). This AO will run for 10 weeks (through April 12, 2018).

    In anticipation of this run/3rdF AO ramping up, we will be discontinuing the extra credit run on Thursday mornings (#EarlyBird).

    Runner Legs/Distance:

    Leadership Board (Updated):
    Nan’tan: Dreamliner
    Weasel Shaker: Deflator
    1stF Q: Dreamliner
    2ndF Q: SubMac
    3rdF Q: SpaceMonkey
    ITQ: Screen Door
    ComzQ: McGruff
    AOQ (DuckDuckGoose): SubMac
    AOQ (StankHill): Scully
    AOQ (BearCountry): SpaceMonkey
    AOQ (QuackQuackHonk): SubMac
    AOQ (RuckHill): Scully
    AOQ (FaithSneakers): SpaceMonkey
    AOQ (StinkHill): McGruff
    AOQ (SlothHill): Cowboy

    Want to lead? We have a place for you. Let us know.

    1st Half 2018 Goals:
    How can YOU help us accomplish these?

    See You In The Gloom (SYITG),