Archives: Annual Meeting of the Pilgrim Athletic Association

  • When:¬†20191128
  • QIC:¬†Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Crazy Legs, Splint, Average Joe, Two Wheel, Scully, Roll Cage, Marvel, Catapult, Priorities, Funny Car, Armstrong, Buoy, Freefall, Musket
  • Once again the PAX of F3 Hampton Roads converged at #BearCountry to celebrate that fateful first feast from whence the idea of gathering around a table festooned with delectables and various fowl was first conceived. These are the minutes recorded from this year’s annual gathering of the PAA (Pilgrim Athletic Association).

    Warmarama- The meeting was called to order in due fashion and the PAX were led through a series of motions brought to the floor by YHC. This included a petition to perform 20 merkins in cadence (IC), a mandate for various arm circling exercises, and an injunction to perform 20 side straddle hops (IC). Upon completion of these items brought to the floor, the PAX were called to order via transfer to the track at a moseyed pace.

    Four your consideration-The next order of business for the annual PAA meeting was to complete four (See what I did there with the title for this section) courses around the track satisfying the PAA 1 mile requirement. Those PAX that met this requirement early were granted a leave of absence from the track to peruse the annals of previous meeting as they ambled up and down the bleachers at a rather rapid pace. PAX were informed that this was a critical process and warranted retention of the number of cycles through the bleacher annals they completed. Marvel was observed to rapidly complete the requisite four cycles and absconded himself to the bleachers post-haste. At which point, YHC suggested that his blood be evaluated for the presence of rather detestable substances. This motion was not considered on the PAA floor and was dropped from further consideration.

    Debate over Porcine Skin-As is often the case, the PAA annual meeting was rife with debate. The PAX were delineated according to the number of completed bleacher ascents and alternately numbered one or two. This was performed in due order and set the two groups of apt PAA members on equal footing for the debates that were interrupted on occasion with an areal attempted delivery of an oblong tan-brown laced object. The PAX embraced a rather hearty debate regarding which down the alternate position was present in, where the first down line would be observed, and other more intermittent debates regarding specific motions. Although team one would register more votes in favor of their stance through successful delivery of the tan object to their end zone, team two demonstrated a rather remarkable note of chivalry by promptly returning the football to team one through successful completion of a pass from the quarterback of team two to a member of team one. YHC, a member of Team Two, can attest to the consistency and near immediacy of this kind act.

    Closing remarks- Returning to the flags promptly at the completion of the 1 hour PAA meeting endeavor, countarama and namarama yielded an FNG who was subsequently named. Welcome Crazy Legs! YHC recounted the stories in the gospels where Jesus fed crowds (interpret thousands) of people with rather meager means. Further, once all were fulfilled, the disciples collected baskets of left overs. YHC’s opinion was that the “Jesus magic” didn’t just get out of hand resulting in the food surplus, rather that Jesus demonstrated in a very tangible way that he is more than capable of providing for our needs and then so much more than that. On this day of Thankgiving, all PAX were implored to recognize the bounty they have received as they share their Thanksgiving dinner with their family and to seek out ways that they can provide for someone in need and to exceed their needs as Jesus did.