Archives: Arm-ageddon

  • When: 20190108
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Dreamliner, Space Monkey, Airwolf, Marvel, Taps, Bobber
  • 7 Pax arrived to DDG ready to work. Weather was perfect.

    The Thang

    YHC put the PAX in unfamiliar territory by starting things off with Lunges vice SSHs. It is necessary sometimes to get outside of your comfort zone.

    Lunges- IC 20 Reps
    Arm Circles- Forward/Backward IC 10 Reps
    Chinooks- IC 10 Reps
    SSHs- IC 30 Reps

    YHC led PAX on a mosey around the DDG lake and then split the PAX into two groups. First group ran around lake while the other group completed a circuit workout. Workout involved relatively lite 60lb CMU coupons for each PAX. Circuit included Curls, Overhead Press, Curls, Goblet Squats, Curls, Standing Rows, Curls, and Chest Press. Curls were at the center of the workout to bolster the Quad P for PAX. A minimum of 10 reps OYO of each exercise had to be completed before moving to the next. PAX had to earn every curl. Once the initial group finished their lap around the lake they relieved their fellow PAX of their coupons, Rinse and Repeat.

    YHC read an excerpt in chapter 2 of Bruce Wilkinson’s “The Dream Giver.” This book is about a young man named Ordinary, who lives in the town of Familiar, around a bunch of nobodies. Ordinary ventures out of Familiar (his comfort zone) to chase his dream.

    Don’t fail to chase your dreams. It will be uncomfortable but worth it in the end. No regrets.