Archives: Bachelor Pad Posts Hall of Fame

  • When: 20180811
  • QIC: Bachelor Pad
  • The PAX: Ariwolf , Bachelor Pad, Buoy, Funny Car, Gunner, Marvel, Spacemonkey, Special K, SubMac
  • 9 PAX showed up for a special beatdown in honor of Bachelor Pad’s induction into the Hall of Fame, led by none other than the PAX of the hour…Bachelor Pad.  Of course Lady Glitter Sparkles was on-hand as the true guest of honor as she wouldn’t have it any other way being the Grande Dame that she is; and the Ironclad PAX treated her very well as she didn’t fall (not even once). Warm-A-Rama: Side Straddle Hops (25 – 4 count in cadence); Windmills (4 count – 20); Arm Circles (forward/reverse) 20; Finkle Swings; Hillbillies (4 count – 20); Mountain Climbers (25 – 4 count in cadence); Mosey to Duck Dock; The Thang: Iron PAX Challenge (Repeat 4X) Air Squats (50); Big Boy Sit ups (40); Merkins (30); Bonnie Blairs (20 counting 1 leg); Burpees (10); 400 meter run (around the fountain plaza); Mosey to Flags Green.  Core Challenge:  Flutter Kicks (25 – 4 count in cadence); Shoulder Taps (25 – 4 count in cadence); Side Planks (1 minute timed each side); American Hammers (25 – 4 count in cadence); LBC’s (25 on my 2–count); Freddie Mercury’s (Bicycle Twist) (25 – 4 count in cadence); Spidermans (25 – 4 count in cadence); Hand Slap Planks – partnered (1 minute timed). 

     Circle of Trust (Name-a-rama; Count-a-rama, devo, announcements – Speed for Need, Saturday 8/18/2018)