AO: Blackwater

When: 06/25/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Cash Flow, Dirt Bike, Gator, Moneyball, Planer, Shark Tank,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Mr. Belding

QIC: Cash Flow

The BackBlast:

Conditions – Perfect

F3 & Covid Disclosures – Check

Warmarama – 10 SHH


The Thang – 2019 IronPaxChallenge Week 2 – “Meatloaf’s Massacre” **Modified

4 Rounds for Time (Elapsed time scoring):


Round 1:

10 Manmakers    20 Overhead Presses

30 KB Swings    40 Goblet Squats

50 Incline Block Merkins     *1600 meter run

rinse and repeat for rounds 2, 3, and 4 with the following modification.

Decrease run 400 meters for each subsequent round.

Round 2 will be 1,200m.

Round 3 will be 800m, and

Round 4 will be 400m

**We modified and did 800 for all of the runs.


COT – A life well lived – Douglas H. Morse (1924-2020)


Mr. Morse is my brother in law’s grandfather.  He was a war hero, devoted Christian, and the ultimate family man.  Because of Covid restrictions his funeral service was this week and it was such an honor to attend.  I knew Mr. Morse from him joining our family for many holidays.  He was such a nice man, but I didn’t know much about him until the funeral.  He was the epitome of what a grandfather is and should be, just like both of mine who died in 2005 and 2007.  They were all from the “Greatest Generation” and deserve our gratitude and respect.  I believe we have a duty to live a life that they would be proud of.


  • Friday F-3 Bible Study 1200 @ Zoom. Talk to Bing
  • Saturday: 3rd F Event @ Tula Water Sports. Hit up Lawn Boy, Slack, or Book of Faces for info
  • Saturday July 3rd Convergence Q to celebrate Independence Day at Western Branch HS – no other AO’s that day.

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