When: 03/31/2021


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Gas Station

The BackBlast:

31 Mar 21 – Bison Run (F3 Tornado Alley – Pre-plant Q)

Conditions: Gloomy and gorgeous 

PAX: Gas Station, Swiss Miss, Walmart

FNGs: None

DR PAX: None


The mission of F3 …5 Core Principles…COVID Disclaimer…Non-Professional Disclaimer…



SSH – 30x IC

Hillbilly Walkers – 10 IC

Helicopters– 10x IC

Bat Wings– 10 IC

Burpees– 5x OYO


Mosey around the school full lap and back to the north side of the school at the bottom of the hill


The Thang 

Early April Fools -DORA w/ coupons, transit 25 yards via Yves Poll up hill

200 Curls 

300 Squats 

400 Flutter Kicks 

300 Mil Press

200 Bent Over Rows 



Dealers Choice (Practice Counting)



Faith is best Accelerated in the company of others

  • To leave a legacy, a man must be Competent in the practice of his Belief System
  • Meeting holds the shepherd Accountable to the truth


There are so many reasons to not meet. Inconvenience. I don’t like the people. I dont like the message. I don’t like the venue. I dont like the music. The High Impact Man (HIM) chooses to meet with others because meeting has little to do with our happiness, and more to do with our purpose we are responsible for as leaders…

  1. It forces him into an accountability relationship that he, and others needs
  2. It forces us to share strength/solidarity with others, or have it shared with us.
    1.  How much easier it is to reach up from the pit when a Brother is reaching down to meet us.


I could go on, but a point I want you to take away is this “The Joy of forgetting oneself in service of another surpasses all understanding. It is the foundation of Hope.”



  • Not much talking  except for the occasional exclamation of motivation from Swiss Miss. 
  • However, it did “snow” a little even though the outside temp was about 49F. Only in Oklahoma.



  • I know this is not Fort Fun, but I am the AOQ of Fort Fun and wanted to make sure to capture this beatdown for posterity.
  • Nothing Significant to Report (NSTR)

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