When: 03/07/2023


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Primanti

The BackBlast:

Welcome and F3 disclosures


Sidestraddle hops, Arm circles, Through the tunnel, Lower back stretch

The Thang:

Run the loop around Food Lion.  Stop at each speed bump.  First speedbump: 1 hand release merkin, 1 V-Up.  Second speedbump: 2 hand release merkins, 2 V-ups.   Continue increasing at each speedbump until all 15 speedbumps have been reached.

Partner up for coupon exercise.  1 pax does exercise while the other holds plank.   Then both pax rifle carry to the first lightpole together (sharing 1 coupon between them).  Excercises were as follows:

25 curls

25 squat thrusters

25 kettbell swings

25 squats

Back to the speed bumps.   This time, 5 Carolina Drydocks and 5 LBCs at each speedbump.   Continue for all 15 speedbumps, but only 5 at each speedbump this time.


3 Pax had time to name exercises.


I think that each pax something in their life that they think they can get better at.  If they can’t think of something, ask their M, 2.0, other pax.   I challenge everyone to come up with something and make strides toward it.   Please share within COT over time if you want help achieving your goal.


We are all mourning the loss of Crane’s coupon which died halfway through today’s workout.


Tidewater Youth Services this Saturday at Hyzerbomb at 0900.   Please HC to Bing on Slack

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