AO: DuckDuckGoose

When: 07/13/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: 2 Wheel, Bing, Cash Flow, Fish Hook, Full Nelson, Market, Marvel, Moneyball, Musket, SubMac, Wicked, Wilson,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Moneyball

The BackBlast:

Conditions- Umid

F3 Disclosures


  • Dick Clark X 10 (to calf x 10 to Cobra  x 10)
  • Gas Pumps X 10 IC
  • Give Up Michael Phelps X 10 IC
  • Navy Seals X 10

The Thang 

Mosey to first corner of building

  • Burpee Mile- 12 burpees, ¼ mile mosey. Pick up six ping pong with 1 burpee on the six.

Abs: Dealers Choice every light pole. 



Story of Mark Richt’s salvation: 

I was into my second season at Florida State University and thought that I was doing fairly well, until one fateful day in September. We had an off weekend and one of our players was shot and killed while attending a party. This tragedy was terrible and heartbreaking for our team. The next day Coach Bowden called a team meeting. No one was allowed in the room but players and me. Being a graduate assistant I was in there to take roll. Coach Bowden addressed the incident and towards the end of his message he began to talk about spiritual matters. He pointed to the empty chair that was assigned to the fallen player, and talked about death and his faith. He asked every one of us in the room to look at the chair and then he asked, “If that was you do you know where you would spend eternity?”

He communicated the GOSPEL to us that day. At the end of that meeting he told the players that if they had any questions or anything on their hearts, to please come and speak to him. I was a broken young coach, so the next day I went to see him. 

Prayer requests

Ball of Man


  • Marvel pointed out one lap around the building is closer to ⅓ of a mile than ¼ of a mile.
  • Burpee Quota Met
  • Fishhook gets after it. Good to see it
  • Wilson chose poorly where to do some burpees, slipped off the curb, and bloodied his leg up
  • Wicked clearly doesn’t understand what constitutes an ab exercise, so had to reject his dealer’s choice ‘ab’ exercise (lunge walk, inchworm transition exercise)


  • Wicked and Les Mis are doing some Grow Ruck, Mud Run, and other races coming up. Check in with him. 

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