AO: Ignite

When: 05/14/2022


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Average Joe, Dash, Finkle, Freefall, McGruff The Crime Dog, Mookie, Scully, Sunshine,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: McGruff the Crime Dog

The BackBlast:

8 Pax didn’t let the rain keep them from hitting the beach. The all showed up ready to be the best versions of themselves.

Warmarama: SSH, Spiderman-Stretch, Through the Tunnels, Arm Circles, OH Claps, Michael Phelps, Pax then ran three blocks North and back.

The Thang: Each Pax selected a Card from the F3 DOC. The following exercises were completed:20 Squats, 14 Carolina Dry Docks, 20 Dips, 17 Derkins, 19 Ranger Merkins, 16 Jumping Lunges, 2o Plank jacks, 17 Monkey Humpers, 12 WWII Situps, 100 Flutter Kicks, 20 Merkins, 10 Pull-ups. After each exercise the Pax knocked out a different Ab exercise or shoulder exercise. That depended upon the exercise called by the card.  Then the Pax alternated between Bernie Sanders, Sprint, Walking lunges to the next street and back.

After that the Pax had COT. Namearama, Countarama, Announcements, Prayers.


Psalms 118: 24

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