When: 09/21/2022


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Waze

The BackBlast:


Low 70s and perfect

F3 & Covid Disclosures

If you get hurt, blame Wilson. But seriously, we’re not professionals and adjust as necessary.


SSH, TTT, Indian Run, Imperial Walkers

The Thang

I wrote exercises on the inside of 7 disc golf discs. Then PAX took turns throwing; the first person to get the disc in the pin was the exercise we did. We made it through 5 of the 7 discs:

  1. DORA: 100 dips, 200 step ups, 300 American hammers
  2. 1x Aiken
  3. Elevens: Decline Merkin, Squat Jump
  4. Elevens: CDD, Calf Raises
  5. Elevens: Merkin, Big Boys

The two discs not accomplished were:

  1. Run to Burpee Hollow, perform 10 Burpees and run back
  2. Zombie Walk around the tennis courts





Huntington park contains a memorial to the Four Chaplains. I told their story. They were four chaplains on a WWII troop transport ship that got sank. They gave up their spots on lifeboats so that four others could take their place.  They were last seen singing a hymn on the deck as the ship sank. The story illustrates selfess sacrifice and faith through any trial.


  • Wilson has really good short game in disc golf.


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