AO: StankHill

When: 03/30/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Finkle, Hot corner, McGruff The Crime Dog, PTA, Scully, Sunshine,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Happy Gilmore

The BackBlast:

Conditions – There was a chill in the air.  We started off with the disclaimer and an apology from YHC for continually missing a key element of the intro.  A beat down just isn’t complete if it doesn’t start with the pledge of allegiance with all the PAX.  Following that course correction we got right to it.

Warmarama – 

  • Through the Tunnel x 10
  • SSH x 20
  • Arm circles x 10 forwards x 10 backwards
  • Abe Vigoda x 20
  • Hillbilly x 20

The Thang – The PAX made a nice mosey up the first set of stairs and ran down the spine of the hill to the end and circled back to the first shelter for instructions.  I had the group partner up for which I was reminded that there is an 80% chance that our groups would come out in odd numbers.  So 2 groups of two and 1 group of thee were formed.  It was DORA time.  Each group would perform 100 Merkins, 200 Squats & 300 LBC’s.  As Partner 1 began their share of exercises the Partner 2 bear crawled to shelter 2 reversed course and lunge walked back to swap roles.  A couple complaints could be heard amongst the mumble chatter during the bear crawls which validate YHC’s choosing them for this glorious morning.

Once DORA had successfully slain the Bear it was time to move on.  We moseyed to Shelter 3 to begin a three round tour of shelter row.

  • Stop 1 x 20 L/R Step Ups in cadence and mosey to Shelter 2
  • Stop 2 x 20 Dips in cadence and mosey to Shelter 3
  • Stop 3 x 20 Derkins on my down and mosey back to Shelter 1

And repeat & repeat again!

We finished it off with a mosey back to the flag for some Mary

Mary – Penguin crunches, Dying Cockroaches, Hello Dolly & Eskimo Merkins to end the day

COT – Countarama, Namearama, Praises, Prayer requests and prayer that included special prayers for our great city and the brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement that work had to keep us safe each and every day.  We asked God to be with those that lost loved ones and to let this serve as a reminder that we all need to be deliberately kind to all we encounter in this world.  We make a difference each and every day with the example of God’s love and kindness that we share with everyone in our lives.  Let our F3 brothers continue to shine God’s light on the world by following the example that was set by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


  • I promised to keep the running to a minimum following Saturday’s lap fest.  Jury’s out on weather or not I made good on that promise.  I think some wouldve gladly added a mile or more to get out of the longer than normal Bear Crawl laps.


  • A few PAX (YHC included, Scully & McGruff) are driven to launch an additional weekday AO in VB.  We would like to do Monday am @ Bayville Farms Park.  Taking name ideas.  I’ll throw the first out there AO Funny Farm.

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