AO: Gas Station

When: 04/15/2022


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Carrier, Joker, Marvel, Moneyball, Musket, Wicked, Wilson,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Carrier

The BackBlast:


50 something, no rain, light wind, but ground was wet


Michael Phelps/Speed Skater combo (in Metro, it’s called the DoReMi0 x15
Hillbillies x20
Grapevine Stretch

The Thang

Moseyed around the courts back to handicap spots near tennis shack.

  1. Moseyed to set of courts marked “1” and did fence squats x10 then moseyed back to tennis shack, and planked for the 6th.
  2. Moseyed to set of courts marked “2”, did Mike Tysons x10, repeated #1.
  3. Moseyed to set of courts marked “3”, did Lunges x10 each leg, repeated #2 & #1.
  4. Moseyed to set of courts marked “4”, did Carolina Dry Docks x10, repeated #3, #2, & #1.
  5. Moseyed to set of courts marked “5”, did Leg Bridges x10 each leg, repeated #4, #3, #2, & #1.
  6. Moseyed to set of courts marked “6”, did Dips x10 then moseyed back to tennis shack.
  7. Moseyed to set of courts marked “7”, did Hand Release Merkins x10, repeated #6.
  8. Moseyed to set of courts marked “8”, did Step Ups x10 each leg, repeated #7 & #6.
  9. Moseyed to set of courts marked “9”, did Squat Thrusts with Squat Hold, x10 (w/5 count hold), repeated #8, #7, & #6.
  10. Moseyed to set of courts marked “10, did Burpees x10, repeated #9, #8, #7 & #6.

Moseyed back to start for Boxcutters x10 each way and protractor ’til time.


YHC recited Psalm 40:1-2 by heart correctly versus failed attempt on Wednesday.

Baptism somehow came up and discussion ensued as to whether it is necessary for salvation – some say yes, some say no.  Wrapped it up with Wicked taking us out in prayer.


  • YHC enjoys exploring all areas of an AO, so having played in tournaments years ago in NN, like YEARS AGO, it seemed like a good idea to explore the tennis courts again, but without rackets and balls, and white tennis shorts, like REALLY WHITE tennis shorts.  YHC is not sure if the use of color dyes had been tried in the tennis world by that time.  Everything was white – tennis shirts, tennis shorts, tennis socks, tennis shoes, and even the balls were white.
  • YHC also likes to design workouts so that the pax stays mostly together, which involves mostly short distance moseys, and not a lot of OYO exercises.  YHC can in this way avoid Q’ing from the back and allows for more mumble chatter – try to chattering it up with someone more than 25 yards away – it doesn’t work.
  • As was noticeably clear, the AO is aptly named, as there was plenty of flatulence experienced by the pax.  Even Wicked who initially stated that he does not fart at all, discovered that he too could join in on the fun.
  • YHC looks forward to coming back and introducing the pax to other new areas of AO that they might have never seen.


  • Happy Easter!

– Carrier

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