AO: BearCountry

When: 05/25/2022


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Cash Flow, Funny Car, Gator, Hedge Fund, LinkedIn, Planer,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hedge Fund

The BackBlast:

Conditions – Light rain

F3 Disclosures – Yes


Side Straddle Hops

Through the Tunnel

Abe Vigodas (F3 HR Coach Klingensmith)


The Thang – Hedge Fund’s VQ (Back Blast submitted by Cash Flow from memory)

Basketball Shuffle to the bus loop for some cover.

Begin by performing a certain exercise, bear crawl to every other pole, perform the exercise, repeat until the end of the bus ramp cover.

1st round exercise – LBCs

On the way back we lung walked, performed another exercise at every other pole.

Repeat, include other exercises.


Ended with hardest exercise, Bear crawl, merkin, bear crawl.  Basketball shuffle back to the flag.

Ended at 6:15am


COT Honoring Richard Thomas Shea:

Richard Thomas Shea, Jr. (January 3, 1927 – July 8, 1953) was a soldier in the United States Army in the Korean War. He was listed as missing in action on July 8, 1953 during the Second Battle of Pork Chop Hill, and was later declared killed in action. Lt. Shea received the Medal of Honor posthumously. In 1987, Shea was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame.  He grew up near Dock Landing Road.

This weekend remember those that gave their life fighting for our freedom.

Richard Thomas Shea, Jr. | Virginia War Memorial (



  • Hedge Fund’s VQ was a success although everyone could use a little Q School.
  • Dreamliner gave it the “AYE!” but we didn’t see him.
  • Dirt Bike was also greatly missed.
  • The rain was steady and the cover was nice.
  • I am so fortunate to share F3 with my dad.  He comes just about every Wednesday and it is a special time we get to spend together.  He is the kind of guy that would show up in the gloom to support not just me, but all of us.


Convergence Q Monday May 30th at Western Branch High School (Blackwater AO) 7:00am

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