AO: Quad P

When: 05/31/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Dirt Bike, Dreamliner, Freefall, Funny Car, Gas station, Marvel, McGruff The Crime Dog, Moneyball, MudRun, Musket, Planer, Scully, Wicked,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: 0

QIC: Marvel

The BackBlast:

The Region

13 H.I.M.s signed up to throw themselves at a weekly Murph in preparation for THE Murph Challenge. That amounts to 52 total Murphs, and they delivered: 63 total Murphs were completed over the four week challenge, or 121% of what was required. Roughly half (54%) of the participating PAX logged 4+ Murphs over the course of the challenge. As a region, they ran 371 miles and completed 8,639 Pull-Ups, 19,969 Merkins, and 25,104 Squats. Week to week there was a bit of a drop off in total reps and completed Murphs (19, 16, 16, 12), but they stayed strong with over half completing a Murph in the last week.


Hands down the Most Valuable PAX was Dirt Bike. He completed¬†11 TOTAL MURPHS,¬†4 of them in week two alone.¬†Not good enough for you? He single-handedly (and footed-ly) ran 102 miles (3.6/day) over these four weeks, all the while completing 1,130 Pull-Ups (40.4/day), 3,466 Merkins (123.8/day), and 3,985 Squats (142.3/day). The only category where he was surpassed was Freefall’s noteworthy (in part because he did everything all month in a weighted vest) 78.6 Pull-Ups/day, or 2,200 total. But to Dirt Bike: “WE’RE NOT WORTHY.”


Of the 13 Participants, 5 reached the stated goal of at least one Murph per week: Dirt Bike, Planer, Marvel, Freefall, and Dreamliner. These 5 accounted for 42 of the region’s 63 Murphs, or 67%. The following PAX completed at least on Murph over the course of the month. The number following their name is the total completed:

  1. Dirt Bike – 11
  2. Marvel – 9
  3. Planer – 9
  4. Freefall – 8
  5. Mudrun – 6
  6. Dreamliner – 5
  7. Moneyball – 4
  8. Scully – 3
  9. Funny Car – 2
  10. Musket – 2
  11. Wicked – 2
  12. Gas Station – 1
  13. McGruff – 1

Good job to all participating PAX! Get after it and SYITG!

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