When: 03/02/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Scully

The BackBlast:

Conditions: Not Raining!


  • Side Straddle Hops                20        IC
  • Thru the Tunnel                     10        IC
  • Arm Circles (FWD/BKWD) 10        IC
  • Michael Phelps                       10        IC
  • Imperial Walkers                   10        IC
  • Hillbilly Walkers                    10        IC


The Thang

  • Merkins in Motion

Pax directed to mosey counterclockwise around the lake at their own pace, stopping at each bench along the route to perform Merkins. Focus was on good form rather than number of reps. Merkins were to continue at each bench until form diminished and then hold plank until the six was done. Rinse and repeat until a total of twelve benches were visited, then mosey to the third shelter.


  • Blackjack

20 Squats at the 3rd shelter / 1 (4 count) LBC at shelter #2

19 Squats at the 3rd shelter / 2 (4 count) LBC at shelter #2

…(You get the idea.)

Unfortunately time grew short and with 5 minutes of sand left in our 45 minute “hourglass”, the Pax were forced to complete the assignment during the trek back to the flag by breaking the journey up into short segments determined by the Pax leading the way.


Mary               No time         




  • YHC dropped the ball with regard to having a verse prepared; however, prayer requests were entertained and delivered in earnest.


  • DR Pax Stump Jumper from the Lake Norman region likely led the way in the number of Merkins performed (RESPECT!). Mud Run pushed the pace in Blackjack… and Sunshine (as usual) was obviously more focused on form


  • March Merkins are the QuadP Challenge (See below to sign up)
  • McGruff pointed out that there is a F3 Leadership meeting Thursday.

Important Links

  • Sign Up to Lead a Workout: Q Schedule (Anyone can sign up at any time! We can help you prepare).
    • Backblast template can be found here.
  • Monthly Challenge: Quad P, aka “Priorities’ Pointless Periodic Priority”
  • Twitter: @F3HamptonRoads

Facebook: F3HamptonRoads

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