When: 06/22/2022


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Abraham

QIC: Cash Flow

The BackBlast:

Conditions – Mild

F3 Disclosures – Yes


Imperial Walkers

The Thang – Superman

PAX mosey to get coupons, once in had you can only travel by curling or rifle carry the entire workout.

We went to the bus loop and did 3 minutes of steps on the outdoor classroom seats.

With our coupon we each PAX picked an exercise at the far ends of the bus loop (10 or 20 reps). Then either curled or rifle carried to the opposite end.

Repeat until all PAX had a turn to pick.

Return coupons

COT – Fear not, for I am with you:

Psalm 91:1 The one who lives under the protection of the Most High dwells in the shadow of the Almighty.


• Welcome back Space Monkey
• Dirt Bike and Sproket’s All Star team lost on a bunt on a pitching machine, YIKES.
• Diesel (Gary Anderson) joined us as an FNG, we named him Abraham (man of faith, large family).


• New Realm Brewery Saturday 6/25 @ 6pm for Batman’s Birthday
• GTE in October

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