AO: Ignite

When: 09/16/2023


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Finkle, Freefall, Hot corner, Mayhem, Piglet, Scully, Trojan,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Mayhem

The BackBlast:

Workout Date: [09/16/23]


2 part workout – first exercise/obstacle stations and second wiffleball game

Disclaimer shared


6 Motivators – nonprogressive side straddle hops meaning as follows:

– 6 side straddle hops, then 6 side straddle hops where your arms only come up to your head, then 6 side straddle hops with hands at your side, then 6 hops…then repeat except doing 5 instead of 6…all the way to 1

Through the tunnel, hillbilly walkers, updog downdog, reach for the sky, 20 merkins, michael Phelps.

Mosey to the Playground and back


Count off by 2. First group holds wall sit while other chooses 1 of 4 obstacles to complete. Must attempt all 4 obstacles in whatever order pax prefers. if cannot complete obstacle, penalty is 25 burpees.

4 obstacle/exercises:

1. rings set up like monkey bars, complete from one side to the other, without touching the ground and then 10 pull-ups at the end.

2. Climb 12 ft rope to top and grab decline monkey bars, continue to descend and then across level monkey bars. This morning dew did not help I can attest

3. Long rings swing. I believe only 1 pax was successful completing this.

4. High rope climb. How high? I don’t know, but guessing 30ft

After completing each obstacle, you go to the wall and air chair it until the other pax completes the obstacle. Pick up 6 exercise was Hold the wall sit.

PART 2 – wiffleball. After either an out or a hit, there would be an exercise. The team accomplishing (getting the hit or getting the out) would choose the exercise and would only do half the reps as the other team (20 rep max). Trojan started as all time pitcher since we had an odd number of pax. Scully later stepped up to pitch so a Trojan can fan us with bat breeze. It was a “defensive battle” until about the 3rd inning. Group 1 took advantage of Scully getting tired and no relief pitcher willing to step up and broke the tie and won convincingly.

A few other highlights of the game. Freefall got the first hit of the game. Scully may need a few pointers from his son. Piglet was likely the mvp. Finkle was not a close 2nd. Trojan did not nice peg out of mayhem at 2nd. Hot corner unfortunately decided to slide halfway to first base and didn’t pan out.

Finishing exercise was running down to the water and back


7 pax – Philippians 4:13. “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Good reminder that we are all so blessed to wake up and have the strength God gives to work out. But to really lean into Him for strength in all sorts of ways, not just physical. And he will help us do Good. We are all messengers from God, created in His image, to glorify Him.

Announcement include The Brier Patch starting first Friday of October in city of Chesapeake park at greenbrier 5:30am; The Den changing to meet behind the stadium parking lot and becoming a “wildcard” workout starting this Sunday; Piglet is officially starting quarterly CSOP in October for first, second and third F. More details to follow.

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