AO: The Den

When: 11/06/2022


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Funny Car, Lawn Boy, Mayhem, Nuke, Piglet,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Piglet

The BackBlast:


  • Sunny and warm (especially for November)


  • Side saddle hops x20
  • Abe Vigodas x10
  • Through the tunnel x10
  • Quad Stretch x10 each side
  • Arm circles x10 (forwards and backwards)
  • Michael Phelps x10
  • Inch Worms x5


The Thang

  • Minute 15s x5
    • Start at one end of the track behind the goal post, run around the track 3/4+ until you pass the goal post on the opposite side.  Goal is to do this under 1 minute and 15 seconds
    • You have 1 minute 15 seconds to recover while you walk the final curve
    • Repeat until this has been done 5 times
  • Circuit workout x3
    • Partner up with one other pax member
      • One partner runs a full lap (400m)
      • The other partner does a strength circuit
      • Continue to switch 3 times so that each person does 3 strength circuits and 3 full laps
        • Strength circuit round 1: using the resistance band do 20 bicep curls, 20 bent over rows, then 20 tricep kick backs.  Repeat until partner finishes the 400 m
        • Strength circuit round 2: 20 merkins, 20 big boys.  Repeat until partner finishes the 400m
        • Strength circuit round 3: Dealer’s Choice between round 1 and round 2
  • Ab Circuit x2
    • Right leg raised oblique crunch (30 seconds)
    • Left leg raised oblique crunch (30 seconds)
    • Crunchy Frogs (30 seconds)
    • alternating jack hammers (30 seconds)

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