AO: StankHill

When: 02/28/2023


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Hot corner, McGruff The Crime Dog, Scully, Sunshine,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Scully

The BackBlast:


A perF3ct day (and way) to celebrate a nonbirthday!

F3 Disclosures

The usual, 


SSH, TTT, Copperhead Squats, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Short mosey (just under a mile) to the pull-up bars for 10 reps and then on to the stage where four stations were positioned around the stage loop as follows:

1. Stage- 15 Hello Dollies (4 count)

2. Aluminum Pedestrian Barriers- 15 Dips (Real or modified)

3. Light Pole #1- 15 Squats (4 count)

4. Light Pole #2- 25 Johnny Dramas

Pax performed 4 sets of the above, running the loop forward on odd sets and backwards on even sets, before moseying to the steps for as many ascensions as possible before time dictated that we end the festivities.


No time as usual for my Q’s (I need to do better)


Of course


Not a lot of skin on this mole, but did want to recognize the return of WeeMan from Florence, SC. The last time he was here, he showed up at a most unfortunate time… During the Iron Pax Challenge 🙄. Don’t remember which one, but I’m pretty sure it had something terrible to do with coupons. Anyway tclaps to WeeMan for coming back to us after THAT experience!


2nd F Service Project: Building an Indoor Playground at New Heights Fellowship Church (located at 1251 Kempsville Road) is scheduled for Saturday March 11. Pax will meet immediately following their chosen Saturday AO or as soon as possible after. M’s and 2.0’s are welcome. We will then meet at a nearby brewery (Exact time and place TBD) to celebrate each other and a job well done.

Tidewater Youth Services workout rescheduled to 9am Saturday, March 11 at Hyzerbomb (Apparently, despite my Mom’s continued insistence that we kids were not made of sugar and would not melt in the rain, it appears those TYS kids might indeed have a little sugar in them.)

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