AO: TankBank

When: 04/07/2021


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Double Fault, Market, Wicked,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Wicked

The BackBlast:

Conditions – Clear and 55 degrees


  • SSH x 10
  • Sideways Lunge x 10
  • Bat Wings x 10
  • Hilbilly Walkers x10
  • Give Ups x 10

The Thang

Once again we ventured into the park to do pull-ups on the playground equipment.

We performed a round Robin of the following until we completed 150 Burpee Pull-ups:

Burpee Pull-Ups x 10

Big Boy Sit-ups x AMRAP

Run around the Pirate Ship x AMRAP

Each Pax worked at a station until the PAX doing Burpee Pull-ups completed 10.  We went for 5 rounds to complete 150 Burpee Pull-Ups.

We moseyed bag to the (imaginary) shovel flag through the beach parking lots.  Once again, the coast was clear.

Next, we performed partner Dips/Bonnie Blairs:

One partner performed Bonnie Blairs while the other partner moseyed to the picnic table to do 15 bench dips.  We performed 150 Bonnie Blairs.

Last, we performed an ascending merkin/air-press routine:

1 merkin / 2 air-presses

2 merkins / 5 air presses

. . . all the way up to:

10 merkins / 20 air presses


Hands of Time up to 125.


YHC gave a rambling synopsis of an interesting business meeting I had Monday where a well respected business man, devout Christian, and friend told me that he attended a 5 day retreat designed to help you discover your “inner-child”.  The COT became a conversation and we discussed how “working on ourselves” is so important in maintaining a healthy marriage.


  • Burpee pull-ups can be really hard or fairly easy depending on if you jump into the pull-up.  We really needed Marvel to monitor and coach pull-up form.  However, all PAX agreed that his was a pretty good workout.
  • Many PAX are out on spring break this week.  Cheers to Market for attending on his “off” day since attendance was low today.
  • Air-Presses are not easy.
  • YHC performed 100 Big Boy sit-ups during the Q in case any of the other PAX need a count for Quad P.


  • ZOOM Bible Study continues this week – Friday at noon.
  • See the Facebook page for info on the Ragnar event.
  • Quad P this month is Big Boy sit-ups.  Sign up and catch up if you are late to the game.  The goal is 60 per day average.

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