AO: FortFun

When: 04/02/2021


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Huggies, Market, Marvel, Wicked,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Wicked

The BackBlast:

Conditions – Brisk . . . 34 degrees and clear


  • SSH x 30
  • TTH x 11
  • Mountain Man Walkers x 10
  • Bat wings x 10

The Thang

Under the cover of darkness, a group of highly specialized covert operators ventured into the forbidden zone (the park) to perform pull-ups on playground equipment.  The mission was a success; however, the escape route was blocked by un-friendlies and the group was forced to abort their mission and navigate an alternate route to safety. 

  • Mosey to Burpee Hollow
  • Perform 20 big boys on one side of the bridge
  • Bear Crawl across bridge
  • Perform 20 Big Boys on opposite side of bridge
  • Upon reaching the playground we performed 3 rounds of the following in rotating fashion.  The PAX doing Big Boys was the “counter” while the other exercises were done until the PAX performing Big Boys finished (kind of like a Chatty Dora).
    • Pull-ups
    • Mountain Climbers
    • Merkins
    • Big Boys x 15
  • Our escape route (back across the bridge) was not available due to un-friendlies so we diverted across the field and parking lots to the tennis courts.  This was at a brisk Mosey pace (the same speed you use when running from the authorities).
  • We performed 20 Big Boys, Bear Crawl, and 20 big boys at a random spot in the road.
  • Mosey back to the Shovel Flag

To wrap up we performed the following exercises.  After each exercise we Moseyed about 150 yards before starting the next:

  • Seal Jacks x 50
  • Reverse Lunge x 40
  • Apollo Ono x 30
  • Burpees x 20


No time for Mary


Our world tends to assign great value to fleeting things—wealth, popularity, position, possessions, accomplishment, approval ratings. Yet each one of these has been found wanting, leading us to crave more rather than truly fulfilling the deepest longings inside of us. Fulfillment, purpose, and satisfaction are found only in Jesus Christ, who radically transforms our values and focuses us on the eternal rather than the temporary. Where does He want to transform your perspective today?

I once thought these things were valuable, but now I consider them worthless because of what Christ has done.—Philippians 3:7 NLT

Prayer: Jesus, transform my perspective. Open my eyes to who You are and what You value. Reach into my heart and mind, and turn my focus away from things that won’t last and toward what matters to You, exalting God by loving Him and loving people. I ask this in Your name, amen.


  • This workout was surprisingly good for mumble chatter.  There were some deep conversations revolving around the poor, economics, F3 attendance frequency, unemployment, minimum wage, taxes, government policy, and car batteries.
  • Once of the PAX had his first COVID shot yesterday and the molecular changes that are occurring in his body has apparently increased the frequency and intensity of  his flatulence.
  • Marvel wins the award for consistency and letting nothing stand in your way of attending F3.  He had a bad car battery and we successfully push started his car after COT (it is a manual transmission).  A little extra leg workout after the Q.
  • We performed 125 Big Boys.
  • Our reconnaissance has confirmed that the authorities open the gates by the War Museum at 6AM; therefore, travel to Burpee Hollow via the War Museum needs to happen early in the Q.


  • Bible Study today at noon – Bing is sending out info in e-mail

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