AO: TankBank

When: 03/31/2021


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Marvel, Musket, Priorities, Wicked,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Priorities

The BackBlast:


Downright balmy. Thick air.  Moist, you might say…


SSH x25 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs x20 IC

Finkle Swings x10 each leg IC (barely)

Copperhead Squats x20 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the road past the rose garden and started at the gates to the museum.

Spartan (from the exicon): Sprint 100 yds. 10 Merkins. Walk back.  Repeato.

Supposed to do that 30 times.  Not sure how you’d ever do that in a 45 minute or even hour long workout.  We must be slow walkers.  We made it 13.

Mosey back to Y parking lot.

21s: Catalina Wine Mixers at 1 end. Squats at the other. OYO. Pax took turns each 1 at a time carry a 30lb ruck and 2 coupons with to do squats and come back.

Quickly changed to 11s and we made it through each pax carrying the coupon load twice.


None.  We did abs yesterday at DDG. Thank you (NO THAN YOU) Moneyball.


YHC read a passage and paraphrased a little from Freed To Lead. “This is one of the great things about F3.  You cannot slink away in the dark without anybody saying anything.  We don’t let that happen, because we don’t want it to happen to us.”

It is a lot harder to slide back into your Fat Pants if you’ve got other pax calling and texting you when you’ve been UA from posting for a while. (Musket must have had a gut feeling what my words of wisdom were going to be cause he asked me during the workout if I’d talked to SubMac lately and how he was doing and decided he should send him a text.  SubMac, if you’re reading this, hope your back is feeling better.  We’re thinking about you and hope to see you soon.)

“Another thing that motivates many men to drag themselves from the fartsack is a sense of obligation to an FNG or some other guy whom you know is struggling.

“Man,” you think, “I don’t feel like Posting today, but what effect will my UA have on Blue? He’s my boy, but that dude is even more messed up than I am.  I gotta get out there.”

Funny thing is, Blue is thinking the same thing about you.”

If you are beating the Fartsack each morning in order to get or keep yourself in shape only, that’s great. But YHC would argue you’re not doing F3 100% correct.  When you’re motivated, it’s easy to post.  But if you aren’t out here encouraging the other pax that might be less motivated than you, who is going to be there to motivate YOU when YOU need it.  Posting for the man next to you is far greater than posting for the man in the mirror.



  • Marvel was 135 Merkins short of 3,333 for the month so we did 13 rounds of the Spartan plus an extra 5 merkins to help him reach is mark.
  • Unrelated note, did you know the quad P spreadsheet is unprotected and if you wanted to get under the skin of an OCD pax and say add a single Merkin to his count for the month so he had 3334 instead of a nice symmetrical number, you’ve got about 43 minutes until April…
  • It was also noted at DDG yesterday that we did not even work up a sweat.  13 hundred yard sprints remedied that issue this morning.
  • I remeasured on Google Maps and the stretch of road from the gate to the dead end is almost exactly 300 ft.  By my calculations that makes, hang on let me get my shoes off, yes 100 yards.  Someone double check my math…
  • Musket took my copy of Freed To Lead. Can I count on another pax to pester him to finish it until he gives it to you? Thanks.  I don’t want it back. When you’re finished, pass it on to someone who then needs it more than you.
  • If you’re still reading these random, incoherent ramblings, take this opportunity to find a brother that you haven’t seen in a while and remind him we’re not leaving him behind or where we found him. The term for this person is a Kotter. There is not shame in being a Kotter cause we all know that no matter how motivated we are now, we will someday be a Kotter ourselves. Half-Life, get ready for a text to find out where you’ve been.


  • F3 golf April 15 at Cedar Point. Info on Facebook page. See Moneyball or respond to FB event invite.
  • Friday prayer zoom call.. 4/2 at noon- Philippians
  • A second Roc Solid ready bag event 2 PM 4/22.
  • F3 Hampton Roads shirt order – ends in 24 hours and 43 minutes from publish time
  • Ragnar @ Priorities 4/23-24. Just say yes.  Who wants to Ruck?
  • Colonial 200 September –  Say yes again.
  • Quad P. Merkins now (43 minutes left), Big Bois in April
  • H-Bomb starting Saturday April 10

Important Links

  • Sign Up to Lead a Workout: Q Schedule (Anyone can sign up at any time! We can help you prepare).
  • Monthly Challenge: Quad P, aka “Priorities’ Pointless Periodic Priority”
  • Twitter: @F3HamptonRoads
  • Facebook: F3HamptonRoads

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