AO: TankBank

When: 05/26/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Gas station, Joker, Marvel, Octane, VooDoo, Wicked, Wilson,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Gas Station

The BackBlast:

26 May 21 – Tank Bank

Conditions: Humid

The mission of F3 …5 Core Principles…COVID Disclaimer…Non-Professional Disclaimer…



SSH Buprees – IC 25 (25 total SSH, 10 total Burpees)

Monkey Jumpers – OMC 10x

Mountain Man Poopers – IC 10x

Sideways Lunges – IC 10x

TTT – IC 10x

Michael Phelps – IC 10x

Mosey to Field by Ft Fun the long way (approx .6 miles)

The Thang – 

Relay Races…Partner Up

Race 1: 1 sets (30 squats)

Pax 1: Low Plank

Pax 2: Bear Crawl to pavilion (~20 yards), 30 squats, sprint back


Mosey’d to the Beach (approx .25 miles)

Race 2: 3 sets (90 merkins)

Pax 1: Al Gore

Pax 2: Yves Pole to life guard tower (approx 20 yards), 30 merkins,


Race 3: 3 sets

Pax 1: Iron Cross

Pax 2: Sprint to lifeguard stand, 10 burpees, sprint back


Mosey Back to flags (approx .3 miles)



Prayer doesn’t change things – God changes things in answer to prayer. – John Calvin

  • YHC reminded the PAX that even our prayers, as best intentioned as they may be are powerless unless listened to and acted upon by a God greater than ourselves.
  • Never become dillusioned that the power of prayer is in the words said, or the posture taken, or the person praying
  • True and right prayer, comes from the heart of a person, who recognizes their humble estate, their desperate need of a divine intervention to change circumstances which they, in themselves, are powerless to impact
  • At the same time, “The necessity and utility of this exercise of prayer no words can sufficiently express.”- John Calvin


  • YHC on third relay race, “Ohh, this is gonna suck.” Wicked, “Did he say this is going to suck?”
  • Running faster to get to the burpess does not mean completion of the round will be faster.
  • Octane played Michael Jackson with a single glove today.


  • Bible study zoom meeting – Friday 1200, check Slack or FB
  • Thursday Franksball @ QQH
  • Saturday @ Ironclad Mango will be inducted into the HoF. Lets have a good showing for the youngest PAX to join the HoF (8yo)
  • Monday convergence for the Memorial Day Murph @ 7AM @ Western Branch High School.
  • June 16 – Third F event @ Hyzerbomb @ 9AM. 2 hr event with the 4Fs (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, and Food). Talk to Bing if you are interested or check out Slack and FB for more info.
  • Last week to finish your Quad P entries. Get your prep in for the Murph.

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