AO: DuckDuckGoose

When: 04/18/2023


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Bolt, Crane, Dirt Bike, Funny Car, Marvel, Meltdown, Moneyball, Slinger, Traeger, Ultra,

Number of FNGS: 10

FNG Names: Juliet

QIC: Ultra

The BackBlast:



Warmarama (Tribute to Space Force)



Michael Phelps 15IC

Imperial Walkers 15IC

The Thang

Four loops around the shopping center stopping at each “Armed Force Station” for tribute.

Numbers correspond to loop:

Air Force (Abs): [H.E.R.O & FNG]

  1. Flutter Kicks 20IC
  2. Hello Dollies 20IC
  3. American Hammers 15IC
  4. Freddie Mercuries 20IC

Navy (Chest/Arms): [Ultra & Meltdown]

  1. Merkins 20 IC
  2. Wide Arm Merkins 20 IC
  3. Diamond Merkins 15IC
  4. Peter Parker Merkins 10 per side OYO

Army (Legs):

  1. Squats 20 IC + 30 sec hold
  2. Johnny Drama 25 OYO
  3. Jump Squats 25 OYO
  4. Bonnie Blairs 10 each leg OYO

Marines (Core):

  1. Full Plank 60 sec
  2. Side Planks 30 sec per side
  3. Elbow Planks 60 sec
  4. Riased Leg Plank 30 sec per side

Coast Guard (Burpee):

  1. 7 burpees OYO
  2. 7 burpees OYO
  3. 7 burpees OYO
  4. 7 burpees OYO


6 minutes of Mary


Brief David Goggins Story

“You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft that you will die without ever realizing your true potential. Denial is the ultimate comfort zone. Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.”

Relation to ultra running and general life challenges.

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