AO: Up the Creek

When: 05/24/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Bing, Cash Flow, Gator, LinkedIn, Marvel, Moneyball, Planer, Priorities, SpaceMonkey, Wilson,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cash Flow

The BackBlast:

Conditions – perfect for race day (Space Monkey requested 5 degrees cooler)

F3 and Covid Disclosures


20 SSH


5k Race for time.


Wilson 19:32

Planer 19:45

Cash Flow 20:51

Money Ball 21:14

Marvel 21:17

Gator 22:41

Space Monkey 22:58

Priorities 29:03


Ruck Division

Bing 47:50

LinkedIn 47:50


Had enough time for Theresa until 6:15am



Countarama and Namearama


Sermon by Randy Duncan of New Creation UMC

Is the world really coming to an end?

Yes, don’t be alarmed; be active!

John Wesley was asked what he would do if he knew his Lord would return at that time the next day. He said in effect, “I would go to bed and go to sleep; wake up in the morning, and go on with my work, for I would want Him to find me doing what he had appointed.”


  • Friday noon Bible study
  • Murph convergence Memorial Day at Western Branch High School 7-8am
  • Colonial 200 – team of 12, 5 registered so far
  • Father’s Day workout at SlothHill 7-8:15
  • Service project Sat June 19 for Tidewater Youth Services 9-11 at Bennett’s Creek Park in Suffolk (same location as Hyzer Bomb).
  • F3 Nation 10th anniversary in Wilmington, NC Oct 8-10
  • F3 Hampton Roads 5th anniversary celebration Nov 5-6

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