Archives: Battle of the Bumps

  • When:¬†20210114
  • QIC:¬†Dirt Bike
  • The PAX: Carrier, Funny Car, Marvel, Moneyball, Gas Station, Wicked
  • You ever think up a workout you are going to Q and get angry at yourself for it? Just call Merkins and do a few LBC’s no one will know the difference. Ignorance was bliss for the Pax that learned of the horrid exercises seconds before getting into the beatdown. I was mentally drained loathing it all week. Killer B’s was called, the reps were established, it would be you and your brothers against each bump.

    Conditions: Would not matter

    Pax: 7 a solid squad

    FNGs: none, thank goodness

    Dr PAX: Carrier, although I feel like I have seen him more than some Pax that call these AOs home (just sayin)

    Warmarama: Mountain Climbers, Suicide Squat (variation), Bat Wing, Mosey super long way in front of Food Kitty all the way around and meet at first speed bump.

    The Thang: Killer B’s

    Start at first speed bump and complete 2 of each exercise. Big Boy, Bonnie Blair (2count), and Burpee. Mosey to the next bump add 1 rep to your killer B’s. Continue out and back fiercely engaging with the bump at your feet.

    Total Work:

    Big Boy: 104

    Bonnie Blair: 104 (each leg)

    Burpee: 104

    Mosey back to the flag the same way you came in.

    Mary: Leg Lifts, Freddie Mercury, Alabama Prom Date, Plank, Side Plank L&R, V Sit-up, Hello Dolly

    Huggies on a HIM mission arrived as an Uber for an absent Pax. He owes a few Burpees…..

    COT: Thank you guys for your support. Talking about these things with you all is tough but it has helped me more than you know.

    Ephesians 5:25

    Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her

    F3 Hampton Roads