Archives: Be Nice to Your Q

  • When: 20200602
  • QIC: Marvel
  • The PAX: Gas Station, Buoy, Mr. Universe (FNG Kendrick), Bobber, Stick, 2 Wheel, Dreamliner, Marvel
  • Conditions: Primo

    PAX: 8

    FNGs: Mr. Universe

    DR PAX: None


    The workout was regularly interrupted by 1 Burpee OYO ON Q throughout.

    • SSH – 30
    • Arm Circles – 10/10/10
    • Monkey Humpers – 15
    • TTT – 15

    The Thang

    Mosey once around the pond and back to the clubhouse.

    F3 Dice: One PAX rolls provided die, then runs to the end of dock and back while other PAX do AMRAP of rolled exercise until that PAX returns, at which point all do BURPEE. Keep rolling, rinse/repeat for time.


    Captain Thor: 1:4 ratio of Outlaws/Penguin Crunches (got to 5:20) and Leg Lifts/LBCs (got to 4:16)

    Dealer’s Choice Mary: AMRAP for 1 minute each


    From the least to the greatest of them, everyone is greedy for unjust gain; and from prophet to priest, everyone deals falsely. They have healed the wound of my people lightly, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace.

    Jeremiah 6:13–14
    • Complacency in the face of sin, evil, injustice is comparable in God’s eyes to committing it.


    • The PAX completed a total of 35 burpees toward Quad P (if YHC’s math is correct; see below).
    • The PAX were very critical of YHC’s work this morning: his counting, choices, choice-of-writing-on-dice, etc. Hence the title.
      • YHC initially failed, then rallied on the math during Captain Thor. It failed to win over the PAX
    • Welcome to FNG Mr. Universe (Kendrick).
    • Dreamliner asked about the absence of a Green Lantern movie (in reference to YHC’s shirt). He was informed that it came out in 2011, and the reception was not great.


    • The 1 Million Burpee Challenge by F3 Chattanooga is ongoing. Currently this region is in 12th place. You can see the standings at this link. Instead of logging your own burpees there, see the Quad P note below.
    • Quad P for June is BURPEES. Set your own goal! YHC will log the whole regions’ burpees into the 1,000,000 Burpee Challenge after each day. See link below.
    • For full instructions on COVID-19 operations within F3 Hampton Roads check out
      • For all virtual gatherings (1stF, 2ndF, and 3rdF), the link to join is For cyber-security reasons, the meeting requires a password. Text 336-817-1793 or e-mail [email protected] for password.

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