Archives: Bear Country Three Course Breakfast

  • When: 
  • QIC: Frozone
  • The PAX: Frozone, Dreamliner, Submac, Space Monkey, Screen Door, B-Team, Tow Rope, Deflator
  • After a few wrong turns and stopping to rescue a box turtle, I arrived for my first Q at #BearCountry.  Eagerly awaiting my three-course breakfast were seven PAX.  The meal was quickly served.


    Warm-ups began with side-straddle hops IC to 15.  Followed by 15 Don Quixotes IC and ending with 15 Hillbillies IC.  Not wanting to spoil the entree, it was time to mosey to the track.


    The meat of the entree was served with as a mile worth of carb-absorbing jogging, trotting, and occasional sprinting by Dreamliner and Screen Door.  Obviously a well-rounded breakfast includes a steady rotation of Big Boy Sit Ups, Merkins, Squats, and LBCs, in rotation every 1/16″ of mile.  The extra bacon was provided by a cycle of up and down the stadium stairs while the remainder of the PAX participated in Freddy Mercury’s, Side Planks, Squat Holds, and Space Frogs (?).  Making sure to save room for dessert, the crew moseyed back to the starting area for more planks.


    The dessert portion of the meal revolved around Proverbs 28:26

    “Those who trust their own insights are foolish, but anyone who walks in wisdom is safe.”

    We were never intended to do life on our own, and relying on your own abilities is “foolish”.  We have a helper, and we must rely on Him to provide the things we need to accomplish the goals the He has given us.  He will provide the fitness, He will provide intelligence, He will provide the compassion.  Relying on God is considered “Wisdom”.  Use this wisdom to Focus this week on not flying solo, rely on God.  You will see His help in your career, your relationships, and your finances.

    See you next week!